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Life Lessons

Landing in the river not far from me, the Canada geese began to slowly make their way upstream.  Their unplanned arrival was a surprise that morning, although observing them as they paddled was quite interesting.   In flight, a group is called a gaggle while on land a group can be referred to as a skein, wedge or team.  Did you know that: -  when flying in that infamous "V" formation, when the one in front gets tired, it will drop to the rear and another will move in the leader position?   - as they travel each wing beat creates an  an uplift for the bird following, making it easier travel? seeing, saying, and sharing...  Life Lessons with you and Wild Bird Wednesday My Corner of the World The Bird D'Pot "We prosper when we share a common direction and sense of community.  We can get where we are going faster and better when we travel together and trust each other."

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