Make a wooden American Flag:

Just in time for Fourth of July!!!

What you need:
  • 1 piece of stockade fence (5' x 8' will make more than one; we made one for the barn & one for the front of the house as you can see; they make great gifts!)
  • paint (waterproof/weather resistant-we chose burgundy, navy & cream)
  • star stencil (an old sponge (dense) works best
  • wire to hang
  • screws to secure it in place 

What you do:
  • cut stockade fence to desired size (on barn shown below, 11 boards/slats; on house 7 boards/slats shown above)
  • paint each board and upper left corner appropriate color (newspaper fits nicely between slats for those non-steady hands)
  • stencil on stars
  • hang 


My Mad World said…
Very pretty! What a neat idea too. Thanks for sharing and also wanted to say thanks for following me!
Anonymous said…
I am going to try this, thanks for sharing!

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