Meet Copper

This is Copper Lucas Aspen Babineau. He is, as you can easily tell, a mixed breed (probably lab & pit, according to the vet). He is one of the most energetic dogs I have ever been around. I used to think that my GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) was energetic. Let me tell you, my "handsome man", as I sometimes refer to him, is effervescent...not the brightest bulb in the box...but effervescent! We adopted Copper when he was about 10 mos old...poor thing...he was just another misunderstood dog. He needed the right environment & being high energy, he needed a place to run and a place to call home. I still laugh remembering a time when he was looking out the slider door barking and barking...I walked over to see what it was and spotted it! There is all it's glory...a woolly bear caterpillar! Thought I was going to die laughing...he apparently never saw one when he lived in the city. His life has certainly changed since he moved to the Hollow!  Doesn't he look like Star Wars' Yoda in this picture?


He didn't want that caterpillar to get his Kong toy...

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