For My Friend

This week I've selected this Poppy who isn't saying good-bye but rather take me with you to link up to Nancy's A Rural Journal to participate in Sunday's Best.

P.S.  A special thanks to my friend, Laura!


TexWisGirl said…
awww. you will have to figure out how to take him with you to CT.
Anonymous said…
Lovely shot, brilliant color!
Nancy C said…
This is such a pretty flower, JP. Love the "cap" on top. :)

I'm so happy you joined us at YSB this week.
Such a interesting photo. I love it.

Pamela Jo
Unknown said…
I love poppies and this is no exception, it is so beautiful red.
Pamela said…
Don't you just love the vibrancy of poppies? I can't help it--they just make me smile looking at them.

New GFC follower.

Alana Jo said…
love the colors.
yay! the poppy's going on an adventure!!

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