Not You Again?

Welcome new followers!!!  Thanks for coming on board...:)
Of course (for you "newbees", it all began with Sitting Pretty 
in the beginning of May.  Then you'll read about some minor mishaps that I had taking photos (Search "Birds"). 
So until you get caught up, I hope you don't mind if I jump right in and just continue on with yet another story.

For all my old timers (I don't mean in age.  I mean friends/aka "followers") you are just not going to believe this!  You all thought we were done with the Eastern Phoebe and her nest of young ones, right? Well after the little ones took flight, I kept seeing the Mama looking for the nest.  You see, the Pres had taken it down once the little ones took off.  Anyway, I kept seeing her going over to the same spot as if she were saying,
I knew I left it here!  (kind of like me!!!)

Well Sunday, while the Pres mowed the grass, I meandered up those squeaky front steps to water the ferns.  Guess who is building ANOTHER NEST!!! 

Please note the touch of "greenery."  
I do believe she's competing with my decorating techniques!  LOL!...:)

This time, just as a precautionary measure, I hung an empty planter directly under the nest in case it decides to slide away like the last one did!

I still cannot believe that they decided to rebuild and have another brood!
  You know, while I've always been envious of you who have chickens, I guess Mother Nature has blessed me in a different way! And that, my friends is just fine with me!

P.S.  Since today is Tuesday, I'm bringing this over to Angela's WVTreasures 
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Our nest of Phoebe's has yet to produce any youngin's but I think they'll be here any day. I've even turned off the motion lights ours have built their nest on so they won't get scared (or shocked) when it comes on--You're right, the things we do! :-)
Anonymous said…
The robin nest on our deck light was deserted (not sure what happened there) and I keep asking the husband to take it down before she decides to try again. Maybe you could nail a bit of support wood under her nest so it doesn't slip slide away.
What determination!! Dryer balls are little rubber porcupine looking balls you stick in the dryer that make it run more efficiently - it ends up dryer more quickly.

The reusable paper towels are called Skoy. One of them equals 15 rolls of paper towels.
Sandra said…
a wonderful story and i hope this one has a happily ever after ending. great idea to hang the basket. we had cardinals make their home in a basket like yours in our house in st pete. got to see the babies..
TexWisGirl said…
oh, they are persistent! no rocking chairs for you this time!
Unknown said…
How do you get the perimeter?-your asked me, do mean my frames (new word for perimeter). If you mean frames I have bought them from
There is everything nice for scrapping and can be used this way too:)
Love birds nests and I used to get them in my plants every year...Nice that you hung a basket in case
Jules said…
Birds can be funny like that. Once they find a good place to nest, they return year after year. So long as you don't mind, they'll keep on coming!
Angela said…
That's hilarious JP! I can't believe she is already sitting on another nest! What really surprises me is you would think your yard would be full of those Pheobe birds after all of the ones they hatch out but I only ever see the mommy sitting on the nest or getting bugs to feed those babies. I don't have a yard full of Pheobes.

I've had a bird that has been trying to build a nest in the garage in a cup holder that I have on the mule. I've found nesting materials in there twice already! The last time I was surprised I didn't find the eggs!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!
Nancy C said…
That's sweet, JP. They liked your place so much, they had to come back. :)
gld said…
My hens could take a lesson from your phoebes! I never got a single chick.
Wanda said…
How funny! I seem to have been blessed also with birds instead of chickens. Right now I am "watching" a robins nest with two nestlings.
Betty said…
I'm afraid I don't even know what a phoebe is, but maybe they're not around here. Enjoy watching that nest and don't turn the light on!
Texan said…
The hanging basket is a good idea. Plus it will keep the birdie poop from getting all over the area under it LOL.

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