Chinese Fire Drill #101 (Part 2)

 Remembering that our Realtor had said, they needed the one to two time slot, I left Roanoke and headed for home. I went up and over the mountain since is was after two and because it cuts out about eight miles.  Moon and Copper ran along the fence line once they spotted my car coming down the road sloped gravel.  Looking at the clock in my car as I pulled in the driveway, it was two ten.  The Pres was already there. 

Bear in mind that I hadn't eaten lunch and was absolutely famished especially after the three hours I'd spent at the gym, so I immediately made something and began to stuff my face with my huge salad smothered in Italian dressing and my chicken salad on toasted whole wheat.  The Pres was, of course, in his recliner, feet up doing his puzzle.

Suddenly, I heard the all too familiar beep, beep, beep of the premise alarm.  Looking at the Pres, I said, "Joe, a door just opened."  He responded quickly without looking up from his puzzle, "That was the TV." 

Continuing to shove food in my mouth, some Italian dressing dribbled on my tee shirt.  Then again I heard, beep, beep, beep.  This time I said, "Joe, somebody is in our house and I think you should get up and go see who it is."  Breathing that gosh I have to get up sigh he rose from the chair and headed down the hallway.  Listening attentively, I heard voices.  DAMN!!  Someone was in our house!!!

The next part was absolutely CRAZY!  But, hey maybe that's the way it's "done in the South."  The Pres and I asked if they wanted us to leave and the Realtor said we could just go outside.  We did.  Not even ten minutes went by when they all came out.  The Realtor introduced herself to us, looked first at her watch, then at me and said, "Oh my, time has gotten away from me.  I have a child that has to be picked up at Cave Spring.  You know where that is?"

  As I was nodding "yes", she pointed to HER CLIENTS and said..."We'll talk...perhaps they can answer any questions you might have."  With that said, she headed for the back gate, got into her car and left!!  I mean she LEFT HER clients standing in our yard!!  Call me crazy, but to me, that was just down right RUDE!

So, for the next two hours, we answered their questions which was fine.
  What's crazy is, each Realtor would get 3% commission off the selling price if the house sold!!  YIKES!!!


Wow, that is one crappy realtor!
Sandra said…
i hope she was not your listing agent, if so i would be looking for another one immediately. in the first place she was there not at the time specified and walked in on you without knocking. YIKES this is really upsetting to me. i sold RE in 1990 through 93 and this is unacceptable.
when we sold our house in st pete 22 years ago, our Realtor that listed never showed our house, one Sunday while watching football, a woman knocked on the door and said she was a Realtor and had just shown the house 2 houses down and her clients would like to see our house. we said let us lock up the dog and come on in. the next day she came back with a cash offer that closed in 30 days. we never saw our listing agent. and listing agents are really important.
Jill said…
Talk about unprofessional! I'd report her.
TexWisGirl said…
oh, i'd certainly put in a call to her broker. i understand children and commitments and all, but...
Angela said…
Good Grief already with Blogger! I had a really long comment and it died on me!

That's not right at all JP! First she was LATE and then she LEFT you to sell your own house! She doesn't deserve a commission at all! I can't believe she didn't even know where to pick her kid up at either. I'll bet she was late for that too!

Have a Great Day!
Oh my goodness! That is so unprofessional!
Texan said…
Um given I am someone who fired a realtor we had once. Oh ya I did! They were our listing agent and well they were horrible! I fired them LOL.

I am thinking if I were those people I would be firing that agent as my buying agent LOL.

Anywho so did the people seem interested? I am sure you got a chance to really "sell" your place so that was nice :O).
Nancy C said…
Well, sometimes one bad thing can lead to a good one. Hopefully, this might be the buying couple. :)
Chatty Crone said…
This is your realtor? I might be looking for a new one soon!
i would definitely ask the realtor what her problem was...and tell her not to come back...she obviously doesn't do her job and doesn't deserve a commission...huh?!
Anonymous said…
That's not acceptable....really. Speak to her first but if nothing changes then report her and tell her not to come back.

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