The Flying Hares (Part 1)

Once upon a time, many years ago back in 1802, we went on vacation to Pensacola to visit my sister.  I love going to visit my sister because she and I can (and do) have a lot of fun together.  And so it was.  While the Pres sat in the air conditioned living room with her husband watching television, Sis and I went shopping.

She took me everywhere you could possibly imagine and while we were out looking, I fell in love with rabbits...cement rabbits.  Crossing over into Alabama, we continued the search.  By the end of the day, we had thirteen cement...solid cement...rabbits that needed to go home with us when we left Florida...on a plane!

Mama & the Twins

Mama & Twins2

He, She & It

Big Mama & Newbies

Grand Puba

to be continued...


TexWisGirl said…
you just make me LAUGH!!! i'd never consider buying 13 concrete anythings if i had to fly home! :)
Unknown said…
I shudder to think of hauling those bunnies home via airports! LOL!
Anonymous said…
That reminds me, I must bring my concrete bunny up from the cold room and stick it in the garden somewhere.
You're right, 1802 was many, many years back.
SharleneT said…
Not only was 1802 many years back, but Sacajawea had yet to help Lewis & Clark find their way to the Pacific.... Hmmm, can only imagine the plane you were on.... But, cement bunnies are very much worth i. Waiting for Part II.....
Dar said…
Love bunnies too...having several hopping around, ornamental and real. Love all of your cement bunnies, and what a trip they must have had.
Thanks for the giggles.
HA! i guess there wasn't a WEIGHT LIMIT on planes in 1802! :)

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