The Flying Hares (Part 2)

That year, thank goodness my daughter and son flew down to meet us there at the beach.  And thank goodness again, they had booked the same flight as us heading home to Connecticut.  When I look back on it now and in telling you this story, the airline must have thought we were crazy!  And thank goodness back then the airline didn't charge for carry ons!!

Between four of us, we packed our suitcases and carry ons with these rabbits.  The Pres carefully fit a family of three somehow in his bag nestling them between his underwear and socks.  I myself carried a Mama and the Twins buried beneath my bathing suits and coverups.  Another had a reservation for my carry on.  Jennifer helped out by taking three in her suitcase too.  However, my son got the last four which were all "adult sized".

Remembering how we struggled to fit three of them into his duffel bag makes me laugh all over again.  The best part was that he got to carry the "Grand Puba" of the clan home in his backpack.  It is sixteen inches from bottom to top then add another four inches for the ears!  It was so funny to see my son at 6'3" boarding the plane, backpack slung over his shoulder with rabbit ears sticking as he walked down the isle to his seat!

Ah, yes, there is a lesson here:

Family is to there to share everything with
...even the heavy burdens (like cement rabbits!) 

P.S.  When we move back to Connecticut and leave the Hollow, the hares will come with us...:)


hmmm, if you've been collecting cement bunnies since might need to rent a truck just to haul your bunnies to your new home! :]
Anonymous said…
TexWisGirl said…
they must love you a lot!!!

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