From Virginia's Hollow to Connecticut's Quiet Corner?

So many of you said such wonderful, thoughtful and kind things when I told you we would be moving.  Those words made me smile repeatedly.  So for that, I thank YOU!  As Anne said, it will be a sad and difficult thing to do.  And yes, Glenda, it will be sad for me saying "good-bye" but, it's time.  I feel it.

As you know, I am an adventurer and love a good challenge.  So let's bring it on!  In fact, we will be heading up to Connecticut this week to "see what's out there" as the Pres puts it.  The list for the Realtor gives him a good idea of just what the Pres and I are hoping to find.

Remember: roots can be dug up and transplanted to grow and flourish elsewhere.  That was my thinking when leaving Connecticut and that is still my thinking as I head back.  I plan on keeping you all in the loop as this new adventure wraps it's arms around me.  You're all coming with me...:)

I do need to ask you a favor though.  I may not be quite as diligent in reading all the posts and commenting daily as activity has really picked up here.  Keeping everything spotless inside and out, looking for homes, and packing have become time consuming, so PLULLLLLLLEEEEZZZZZE (as Sandra puts it!) bear with me. 

P.S.  The folks from England who have contacted our Realtor several times are coming to the states mid month and have expressed a serious interest in the Hollow so keep your fingers crossed!


I could go for English neighbors. Let me know when they're looking and I'll "accidentally" stop by with a big cake or something (ha ha).

I hope you enjoy your trip North and find the perfect place for you and the Pres.
Anonymous said…
Fingers and toes crossed.
fingers, toes and paws crossed for you!!

I remember when we were trying to sell our last house--With 8 dogs it was really a struggle, but we eventually got it down to a science, but it was still a challenge!! Please don't feel guilty about not being able to blog-visit--Come by when you can, know that I understand when you can't, and am glad to hear from you when you do! :-) Enjoy your weekend, isn't the weather just fabulous???
Jill said…
Good luck with your sale! Also great luck in finding the perfect place in Connecticut. I am sure you find "home" wherever you go.
carol l mckenna said…
Moving? LOL ~ Yes life is an adventure and I just moved here 3 years ago in Sept ~ so I can appreciate what you are saying ~ Connecticut ~ You are getting closer to me ~ Wondering are you looking for another house? or Townhouse ? ~ And I hope the Brits will buy your house ~ Will you still keep this blog? ~ Lots to think about ^_^
Sandra said…
we will be here waiting and watching and want to see the new place you plant your roots. i am a lover of change from place to place but married a man who at 74 has lived in 5 houses in his entire life. 3 of those when he was a small child. he puts his roots down and can't stand to pull them up. we are 22 years in this house and when i married him 26 years ago, i had never lived in one place more than a 2 years, i can't even count how many places i lived. this will be fun for us to travel with you
TexWisGirl said…
okay! big hopes for the English blokes! they can buy your place only if they agree to start a blog about planting their new 'roots' in the hollow! :)
Unknown said…
We'll be here worries!
Gail said…
Hoping for a quick sale and the perfect NEW place for you.
Anonymous said…
Good luck! (Fingers crossed!)
Unknown said…
Best of luck with the sale and the search for a new place. After years in the military I have developed a deep hatred for moving and I hope to never have to do it again.
Crow said…
I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. You gotta stir that pot every once in awhile in life!
Bee Lady said…
We are building, then moving, and I'm moving stuff out now, and still building, so I totally understand being too busy to visit blogs. I'm visiting tonight because we are having storms and didn't get to follow thorugh with our original plans. I should be finishing a project but I am just not in a mood to do anything. Hung drywall all day. I'm tired.

Cindy Bee
Chatty Crone said…
I'm waiting for the next chapter in your book!
Chatty Crone said…
I'm waiting for the next chapter in your book!
wow JP! that was FAST!
how long have i been 'out of it'?? and you already have possible buyers!??

i'm reading backwards what else is new...have you gone to CT already and found a place there?
oh well...don't answer...i'll catch up eventually! :)

and don't forget to pack the poppy! :]

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