George Who?

Thanks to mybabyjohn @ The Feathered Nest  for the next few days I am participating in the June Challenge, "Blog Your Name Out."   You can read more about it at What's So Random?  Today is Day 2 so I'm on my second letter.

After cleaning up after supper, I took my normal spot on the couch.  Just as I got comfy, the dogs began to bark "that" watchdog bark.  Getting up to investigate, I walked to the master bathroom and looked out the window.  There, sitting in the driveway, was a truck...a diesel, judging by the sound of it.  But I could only see the nose.

Walking back to the family room where the Pres was sitting in his chair (because he never gets up when the dogs bark "that" bark), I said, "Somebody's in the might want to go see who it is."

Barefoot, he headed out the french doors onto the deck and headed toward the back gate.  About fifteen minutes passed before he came back into the house and flopped back in his recliner.  A few minutes passed before I asked him who it was.  The response was simple.  "George."

"George who," I inquired with a perplexed look on my face (between you and I, we don't know a George!)  Apparently George and his wife are interested in our house, had picked up one of the information sheets and wanted to see the house.  Answering his many questions about the fruit trees, the gardens and the deer grazing in the back, the Pres referred him to his Realtor to set up a time.

Oh, one more thing, the folks from England are supposed to come to the states this weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed!


carol l mckenna said…
House should sell soon ~ Have you found another one in the Northeast? Wishing you the best and that you find just the house you want ~ ^_^
Anonymous said…
Between the Brits and George hopefully you will have a buyer soon.
I hope the house sells soon :) George LOL
TexWisGirl said…
just george... :)

good luck with the English blokes!
Sandra said…
sounds great, two buyers interested. was george in a 18 wheeler or a diesel pick up truck or did the Pres tell you that.
Unknown said…
Good luck! Sounds like you've got lots of interest!
Sounds great. The more traffic you get through the house the better.
Sounds great. The more traffic you get through the house the better.

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