Inside Out

Yesterday I showed off gave you the opportunity to see some of my Hydrangeas that grow along the fence.

Well, as you can see sometimes, what I do is snip at few blooms and hang them in the upstairs cedar closet until they're nice an dry.

 This is the "closet" that Aunt Alva stays in for the winter.  Remember her?  I hope so because before you know she'll be in bloom!

You would think that you were done but you're not.  One more quick little story.  Way back when I worked at the bank, there was a teller in one of my branches who was just the sweetest thing.  She was a perfectionist and would always blush uncontrollably when I complimented her on her articulate work.

Well, the teller had a daughter, Stephanie, who was only about eleven at the time.  Occasionally she would be at the branch waiting for her mom to finish up.  When she was there, I would always chat with her hoping that it would influence her in some small way.  I remember how much she loved it when I called her "Steph" as if she were grown up and a good friend.

She'd asked me why I was leaving and I explained that roots, no matter how deep, can always be transplanted to flourish and grow in new soil.  Saying farewell to each of my branches when I was leaving Connecticut to come here, I was given many going away parties.

One of my gifts was this painting made by little Steph. 


gld said…
I love that you framed it!

I picked lavender the other day and need to get it tied up in smaller bunches to dry.
Jill said…
What a wonderful story. I love little Steph's painting and the fact that you framed it.
TexWisGirl said…
roots + branches = tree. :)
carol l mckenna said…
What a delightful story ~ and such a good painting ~ You have lots of treasures in your life besides the great people ~ You are indeed blessed ~ ^_^
Sandra said…
a sweet sweet story. and the painting keeps the memory alive. so to dry flowers, just hang them upside down? would it work in a garage? i might try it
Angela said…
JP I'm sure that you made an impact on Steph! What a sweet painting that she made for you. I'm glad you kept it.

AAaaw, the best gifts are those that are made...
the tree...of life...can be planted and rooted where ever you choose...

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