June Challenge: Before and After

Well, today's the last day for me since my name is a mere five letters and I'm on the last letter, which is "T."


Truth be told, I never really cared for my name...Janet.  However, I learned to tolerate it and those that preferred to call me that rather than my nickname "JP."  That, my friends was given to me by my peers at the bank...one in particular.  She headed the Bank Records Department for many, many years and while a lot of people dreaded her, she and I hit it off right from the start.

She called the branch I was working in one day and Joy said, "Janet, Diane from Bank Records needs to speak with you."  Everyone in the branch became still and silent because they knew that when SHE called, it usually meant you were in trouble.  You either filled out a form incorrectly, or omitted something and stayed right on top of perfection.  That's how she was.

Fearing the worst and picking up the phone in back so I could have some privacy, we chatted briefly about the length of time I had been on board and how rapidly I had progressed.  It was then that she said, with a smile I could see over the phone line, "Why don't you just put JP in that spot rather than trying to squeeze in your whole name.  I'll know who it is.  The next time you come to East Main, drop by my office.  I'd like to meet you in person."

I did and we were good friends for the rest of my career.  She was an excellent resource and answered many questions over my years of service.  I was fortunate to have her as a friend.

Oh one more thing.  The nickname caught on like wildfire, which made me feel good.  I'm told that nicknames are given to people who are liked...:)  Besides, it suits my personality (kind of bubbly and full of life, don't you think?) as long as you don't spell it JAYPEE, but that is yet another story!!!


TexWisGirl said…
ha ha! well, nice to meet you 'janet'. i'll be happy to still think of you as JP. :)
Chatty Crone said…
Okay - so your name is Janet - I like that name, but I will think of you as JP too!

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