Remember Me (Part 3)

The question that needed answering was a simple yet complicated one:

Was Driftin (isn't that JUST the COOLEST name!...Buddy's son) going to be upset that his log was now sitting at my house?

You see, Buddy had that log aging at his house for years, waiting to add it to Driftin's new home once they build.  And now, it was in my yard!  And so, glass after glass, sipping and swallowing and after reassuring me that his son would not be angry at me, Buddy and I drank.  The Pres had one...maybe two...glasses of wine, while Buddy and I kept filling our glasses and nibbling on cheese and crackers.

Buddy looked at the clock, noticing that four hours had passed and said, "I'd better skedaddle before Nancy sends the dogs out lookin' for me."  Glancing over at the clock, I saw that it was now after six.  Pushing my chair away from the table, I stood up.  Well, I attempted to stand up!  My knees just couldn't quite get the gist of being upright after all that darn wine.  Stumbling toward the bathroom, the Pres aimed me for the doorway as Buddy headed down the hall to take his leave.

The Pres said, "Where are you going?" after I came out of the bathroom.

"To bed," I uttered.

I didn't go to the gym the next day.  I slept from 6:30pm until after 7:00am.  Never even got up to pee!  The best part was I didn't even have a hangover!!!  Oh and one more thing...Driftin wasn't mad at all.  He was glad that his prospective bench came to live with us.  

I sure will miss them!


TexWisGirl said…
wow. no hangover - that's a miracle!!! or maybe you slept PAST it... :)
Anonymous said…
Must have been darn good wine.
Texan said…
Well you can't beat that, drink all the wine you want and you don't get a hangover...
Dar said…
Red, red, wine......comes to mind, that song, loveit but cannot for the life of me think of the artist. Anyway, awuntsum! I want some!
Anything that comes without a hangover must be danged gooood!
Enjoy the bench, it sounds like a doozey, or is that a boozey.

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