Where Am I Wednesday?

Dear Followers,

I've been in Connecticut since Saturday...searching for homes and visiting with family and friends...in just that order.  The Pres and I met with our Realtor Sunday morning to begin the process.  So much information is reeling through my head right now that I honestly cannot tell you how many we looked at on Day 1 or Day 2 or the afternoon of Day 3. 

However, we are making progress and have a few that have moved to the top of the list.  A visit to the local bank was completed along with the preapproval process, so we're "good to go".  We also found a GREAT place to have lunch!

Tomorrow, my best friend and I will continue to work on the mission at hand...continuing the search, meeting once again with the Realtor.  Meanwhile, the Pres is back home in Hollow.

Be in touch with you all ASAP....:)

Miss you all...JP


Anonymous said…
Good Luck! What an adventure.
You should totally be on that House Hunters show!
Unknown said…
Good luck with house hunting! I'm sure you'll find something you LOVE. :)
I do love house hunting and hope you easily find the next place to call home!! Remember, we'll want to see pictures!!
carol l mckenna said…
Wow! You really are going to do it ~ move! Are moving closer to family? Hope you are having fun ~ thinking of you ~ ^_^
Good luck with the house hunting, JP!
Angela said…
I do hope that you find something as wonderful as the place you have now in the Hollow! I just noticed you changed the name of your blog! I've been so busy since I got home from vacation with different things going on that I'm just out of the loop of things. I might post Monday about why I had to take Jazz to the vet today. Let's just say something she had treed got her good. She had to have 2 stitches in her eye!

Happy House Hunting!

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