Back in...


This small stuffed "bust" was found by a good friend of mine as we strolled through the second hand shops in Floyd County.  I had to have it because...well, because it reminded me of ME!  As far back as I can remember, when I worked at the bank, I always said, "Back in 1802, when..."

I am linking up with Lisa over at Two Bears Farm
for her Greatest Treasure Find Ever

Oh, one more thing...the cost...a whopping $2.00.
I felt that I was at least worth that.

P.S.  Heading over to Nancy's
A Rural Journal's for "Your Sunday Best"
Come on over.
You'll learn a lot!


Anonymous said…
What a great fnd.
Thanks for linking up! I'm impressed with all the $2 finds :-)
Jill said…
Am impressed that you found something was so you and for only $2!
Sandra said…
what a deal, did the bonnet come with it? i like that bonnet.
Love the treatment of the image in your post and your lovely header!
carol l mckenna said…
Great find and so synchronistic ~ It was 'waiting' for you! Enjoy the day ^_^
Nancy C said…
What a great find -- is it really from 1802, you think? So many possibilities with this piece, JP. I love your little vignette of old things. Very sweet. :)

Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best today. I truly appreciate it!
Ms. Becky said…
wow, you picked this up for 2 bucks? it's a charming piece too; it seems there are some good buys in Floyd County! have a fun Sunday JP.
TexWisGirl said…
LOL! that's perfect!
Anonymous said…
What a find! Delightful!

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