Chinese Fire Drill #100

Perhaps I should stop going to the gym to exercise three times a week because...

On Wednesday, when I got in my car after my workout, there was a message from the Pres saying that a Realtor was coming over between 11 and 12 to show the house.  Looking at the time it was already 11:15am.  It was pointless for me to rush home, but I headed in that direction, taking my time.

When I was getting close to the house, I saw the Pres coming out of Howard and Margaret's road, so I stopped.  Asking him where he was headed with the dogs in the truck, he responded, "Home."  (The Pres is not big on words unless you're talking bucks, does, the rut...get my drift?)

Telling him that it was only 11:40 am didn't phase him in the least, so down the remainder of the gravel road he went, with me following behind like an old squaw.  No one was in the driveway so in we went.

You all know my routine when I come home from exercising.  I NEED to EAT and so right after I changed, I did just that.  It was about 12:30 when the Pres decided to make his lunch and had things spread out from one end of the counter right to the sink.  Then as I was just about finished, he said, "Somebody is coming in the front door."

Yep.  A Realtor and her clients standing in the living room.  Asking whether or not she wanted us to leave, she told us to simply wait outside.  Well, I will tell you this.  At least this Realtor did not leave her clients!  Although I will admit, when the folks asked her a question, she just rolled it in our direction.  I mean...what the hell...that's our job, right?!?!?!

This is going to get on my nerves...QUICKLY!

to be continued...but I don't know when...:)


gld said…
I have never gone through this before but I know I would be a basket case!

Hang in there! I guess it's a necessary part of the process of selling but that doesn't mean you have to like it.
TexWisGirl said…
especially when they cannot tell time...
That does sound annoying. I don't miss having my house on the market!
Angela said…
I just can't believe it! That's a Victor Meldrew quote! I would let them know that when they say they will be there between a certain time and then you leave and come home and then they finally get there.

Chatty Crone said…
Maybe your deal is not a deal . . . least they're giving you some kind of time frame...some kind of advance notice, even if they're off a little...i think i'd just stay away and let the realtor and prospective buyers roam around.

...just one of those things you have to put up with i guess if you're still living in the house you're selling...

hey! happy & safe 4th JP!

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