Free As A Bird

Trimming some of the spent leaves from the perennial gardens, I couldn't help but notice all the bird poop on the front porch even though I have the hanging basket and the box on the ladder!  As I climbed the squeaky wooden steps and began sweeping, there was flapping and fluttering from the nest.  Yes!  All four little ones took flight...:)  

Although I wanted to take the box off the ladder and the planter down, I refrained.

As you know, human children often return home.
Do birds?  Does anybody know out there in bloggerville?

To tell you the truth, I hope they don't because, their place looks like it would be eligible for a government assistance loan.  They have totally trashed it!!!


Anonymous said…
They look saucy. Like many teenagers.
Jill said…
Happy to hear they all took flight!
TexWisGirl said…
the only babies i've ever seen return to the nest were the barn swallow babies we had this spring. i've never seen phoebe babies come back once they've left!
Chatty Crone said…
Looks like they flew the coop!
Nancy C said…
They certainly aren't the tidiest birds, are they. I don't know whether they come back. My hunch is they don't.
I had to laugh when I drove by yesterday and saw the box and ladder out there. :-)
Texan said…
once our left they didn't return.
Tiggeriffic said…
My barn swallows come every year and nest in the same spot. They sure are a messy bird.. But I love them because they eat lots of bugs.

WHen our electricity goes off I have those solar lights that people use to line their sidewalks or on the edge of their driveways. I bring them inside and they give off a lot of light.. It's so nice, no candles, no flashlight that always needs batteries. I put one in the bathroom, in the kitchen and several in the livingroom where we are sitting. If you need to go to a room where you need light just grab it and it gives off wonderful light to see where you are going..
Have a Blessed Day~! Good work on saving the birds...ta ta for now from Iowa:)
gld said…
Mine haven't hatched yet, but the nest is still pretty dirty looking...I hope they don't build back, but I bet they do!

We don't use that door often and they seem to know it.

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