Give Him The Brush Off?

Reading a post from a fellow blogger the other day reminded me of a story, so get comfy as here it goes.

Way back in 1802 in my younger years (LOL...I just had to!!!), while I was still living with my Aunt and Uncle, we had six horses, two ponies (Shetlands), seventeen Black Angus and Billy, our bull.  I know you remember Billy...he's the one that I used to play hide and seek with.

My Uncle wanted to breed Betsy, the youngest Angus, with Billy.  And so, for what seemed an eternity, we would always separate Betsy from the other Angus when she was in heat each month, placing her in the front paddock.  Naturally, the next step was to get Billy, placing him in with her, letting nature take it's course.  Well, that was the plan.

Now lets digress just a tad.  The six horses were typically together in the wooded pasture that was located around the back of the barn.  We had Sandy (my Palomino), Rocket (my cousins Red Roan), Perty Hal (our ex-pacer), Daisy Mae (our Quarter horse), Star (Daisy's filly) and Judy (our black Morgan mare).  So of the six horses, Sandy, Rocket and Hal had all been neutered.  Daisy was still, if I remember correctly, nursing Star and Judy, only a baby herself went into heat monthly.

Apparently Billy decided that the "heat" that Betsy was giving off didn't interest him.  Looking back and laughing as I tell you this, I guess he wanted to head for greener pastures, feeling that the grass was a little greener on the other side or maybe just take a walk on the wild side!

I cannot tell you how many times, that persistent son of a gun would JUMP the paddock and seek out our mare, Judy!  We would come outside to find Billy in the back pasture, mounting Judy.  Have you EVER SEEN A BULL WHEN HE IS "ANXIOUS"?  

So, you ask, why JP how in the world did you stop him?
We used the broom!!  It always did the trick, boinking him right between those big horns of his!
We wanted to help Judy give him the brush off...:)

Oh, one more thing.  Billy never did impregnate Betsy.  We had to have her bred artificially.
And Judy, she was so appealing that our neighbor, Glen always knew where to find his Black Morgan stud!


Anonymous said…
Love is blind as the saying goes.
carol l mckenna said…
Cute story ~ ever read Nevada Barr's novels ~ frequently about horses ~ thanks for post ~ ^_^
And this is why we don't have cattle...
Chatty Crone said…
Oh my goodness...
Dar said…
boy, does this entry bring back memories of living down on the farm~~~thanks for the laughs.
Going near a bull at all would terrify me. let alone with just a broom to defend myself! Lol.
Angela said…
Wow! That was one crazy bull!

Have a Great Day!
Becky said…
UGH! oh my heeh.
Becky said…
Im new here,Im looking forward to it!
trump said…
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which end of the broom? :)
Thanks for directing me to this story. Too funny. That poor misguided bull and the appeal of forbidden love, eh?

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