It was around 12:30pm yesterday when the winds picked up and the driving rain began.  A horrible storm was over the Hollow, knocking out our power. 

Little did I know that the fuse on the pole in the yard had blown.  Typically, I would have heard a very, very loud bang.  However, the thunder was so intense that I never heard it.

First things first.  Call AEP and report the outage, using the only phone that works. 

Then light the oil lanterns for a little light.  That's one thing I must admit I won't miss when I move.  This house  is very dark.  I am so looking forward to "light"...:)

Several years ago, we paid $2,500.00 to have this transfer switch put it by an electrician.  It was to be used to run the generator which is large enough to run the entire house.

I wonder why it's never used except, of course, to start it up and let it run for a few minutes each month.

Oh, the storm.  I was too busy pulling debris out of the creeks to take any "before" pictures.  But, this was some of the residue left behind.  I'll work on cleaning that up today.  I wonder what those little squiggly things I'm seeing occasionally are?


Jill said…
Glad you didn't receive any significant damage.
Anonymous said…
I do love a good storm, but they can certainly wreak some havoc.

TexWisGirl said…
oh the rain looks so good... and we could use some run-off in the pond too!!!
Oh I see. So it's YOUR fault I had no electricity all day yesterday. Mmmm hmmm. We can't be friends anymore. ;-)

I guess now we're even, since last time the pole out was in my field...
Angela said…
JP does your generator not kick on after a minute of the electric being off? My husband wired ours up so it comes on automatically like that. I absolutely LOVE my generator! lol

Love your old phone! I didn't know they had the dial works on the inside of them! That's neat!

We need the rain but not that much at one time. My dogs prefer creek water over water from the house for some strange reason. I've been watering them lately because the creek is dried up.

Have a Great Day!
Leontien said…
Glad everybody is ok but i have a question. Is that really your phone? and you still use it???

even if it is not working it looks fantastic!
Texan said…
Girly I want your generator set up! LOL.. Our power goes out at the drop of a hat here! grrrr its annoying.. its one reason I wont use the freezer to put up food! I can or I dehydrate!No power needed to support that.

We want a generator that will run the whole house... but ewww ouch $$$$

I hope that is listed on your selling sheet because that is a huge selling point. When we have a property on the market umm which has been several times in our life LOL.. I always do a feature sheet that I put with the Realtor flyer for people to take.. All that little stuff that doesn't get mentioned...You know the extra formaldehyde free insulation that gives you a bazillion R factor in the attic and the double insulated garage doors that are also extra wide etc etc. Its amazing how long that sheet can be! To me a generator that would run the whole house on its own circuit.. HELLO that big!

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