Back in Virginia

Wow!  What a diverse two week trip!  The house hunting expedition was exhausting and I'm sure it will take me days to recuperate, although I am anxiously awaiting the gym.  I never realized how mentally exhausting searching for a place to call home can be. 

People say:  home is where the heart is.  It's a place to hang their hat,.  It's where there is love and that it takes two to make a home.  The list goes on and on.

However, I was really taken by surprise on this hunting escapade.  I'd thought I'd found the perfect house.  It sat right on the edge of the forest where the Pres could enjoy hunting.  It was impeccable and in pristine condition.  I was convinced that the place near the forest was the house, even though I would be giving in on a few things.  Seeing that he had clearly made concessions, I thought hard.  The conclusion: I can suck it up.

Then, much to my surprise, the Pres suggested looking at one more place I'd mentioned to him in our conversations.  Reluctantly, I went along, once again, to satisfy him.  And then when I got there, my mind lit up with a million fire crackers!  The house is under construction and after meeting and speaking with the builder, I was head over heels in love with every square inch...and so was the Pres!
We gave the builder a list of upgrades to "price" and depending on how that comes out, the next step would be a contract.  So, keep all your parts crossed for me...for us!...:)  

I have to tell all of you something VERY important.  When people who care for each other and respect each other, mountains can be moved.  No, our marriage will not be perfect.  But, hey, not too many are.  It takes hard work...a lot of hard work...a lot of give and take to get to you where you need to be.  The Pres, Moon,  Copper and I will be scaling back considerably...from twenty acres to nearly four, from over 2300 square feet to 1750.  It will be a place to call home, once again. 

P.S.  Our Realtor brought a gentleman out to the Hollow this past week.  While he was here, five deer came out of the woods and he was awe struck.  Then, according to our Realtor, the hummingbirds were just zooming around as well.  He made an appointment for today (Sunday) bring his wife.  So, if the pool people are interested, this could be a small incentive for them, don't you think?  


Your new potential place sounds wonderful - will you be sharing any pictures later?

Glad the interest in the hollow continues!
Jill said…
Welcome back. Your potential new home sounds so perfect and exciting. Fingers (and toes) are crossed for you!
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you that the two of you have reached a peaceable solution and that you have found a place you both can feel comfortable in. Now, let's put some real pressure on those buyers. Sounds like your friends in nature are trying to help you.
gld said…
If someone tells you they have a perfect marriage; they are lying!

If only congress could follow suit. We all must live with compromises daily or we would be living alone and miserable.

A new house will be so wonderful to start fresh in and you both seem to be on the same page.
Wonderful! I am so happy for you.

Yes, the wildlife should be a real incentive.
trump said…
Its a great time to buy a hose, lots of selection and low prices. Richard
carol l mckenna said…
Wow! That is awesome news ~ hope it all works out for you ~ sounds like their is a Greater Hand in there working for you ~ many prayers and positive energy on its way to you ~ hugs and namaste, CArol ~ artmusedog ^_^
Tiggeriffic said…
I was ready to pack up my bags Sunday and move on.. But I think God had something else planned..this morning my hubby (Pres twin) came to me and said we have to stop all this bickering. So with God's help and lots of prayer I hope he keeps his compromise to making our marriage better. After 50 years you would think it would be all worked out by now.. Glad to hear you and the Pres. have found a house and are going to be together.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Good luck with all the house negotiations! I hope it all works out!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, i'm very glad the 'pool people' will have a little competition to nudge them forward! or maybe this man who nature came out in full glory for is the real new owner of your sweet place in the hollow! all body parts criss-crossed here!
Hello, this is a first time visit as I dropped in from Swampbillyranch. We currently also live in Va on the eastern shore, transplants from NJ and our home is a 1920s Victorian style. Larger homes sure are lots of work as we are finding out after 6 yrs and we too may be relocating to something smaller possibly in New England within a few years. Your honesty was quite refreshing even though you have been discussing a difficult point in your lives. Please feel free to stop in for a visit to our blog. We welcome and appreciate all visits and comments.
Texan said…
We have found its always good when there are more than two people interested in your place! Woowhoo I hope you get that situation. It usually does get everyone moving if they are truly interested! Your new place sounds exciting. Agreed marriage does take a lot of compromise and work. But that can so pay off :O).

Scaling back in my book sounds wonderful! The next time around we are so not doing 3000 sq feet! We have been batting around ideas ourselves of late. Honeyman will retire with luck in 13 yrs. I have voiced my desires to maybe live somewhere its not 109 in the summer uggg and where we could enjoy four seasons. Maybe the state I am from? Which oddly enough honeyman has been traveling to for work a lot as of late. He likes it there as well.. We will see, honeyman is a native Texan.

Anywho before I write a book, I am excited for you!
Chatty Crone said…
The right person will come to your place and it will go fast. And your new place sounds great. Are you two moving to the same place???
Annesphamily said…
This house under construction sounds wonderful. I hope everything works out wonderfully for you. I hope the people interested in your place are going to fall in love with it.
it all sounds good JP... place...making it 'home'...sounds exciting (well, except for the packing up and actual moving part!)

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