Back to Nature

When walking the mountain this morning, I snapped a few pix, wanting you to see how Mother Nature alters the course we often take.

The "gravel" road is literally sitting on top of solid rock.  The recent driving rains we've had has unearthed the bedrock that lies below the gravel laid by man.

The lesson here:  Be yourself
...:)  JP


Anonymous said…
Being who we are we just have to try to improve on perfection.
Jill said…
Very interesting to see that transformation.
Chatty Crone said…
It always pays to be yourself.
Nancy C said…
....and, water always wins. :)
Gail said…
Yes, a good lesson.

Dad always watched the way the water ran before he changed anything.
lol.. yes, water always wins.
just what our road looks like...and if it rains really hard...much of the road washes up into our yard...

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