Got Him!

This may not mean much to you, but to me it's priceless!  This is one of the two vehicles used by the Post Office to deliver our mail.  They wiz (and I mean wiz!!) by...just like in that Chevy Chase movie...driving right in the middle of the narrow, curvy road.  For some unknown reason, when one of them drives by, I just want to holler....YEEEEEEEHAAAAAW...which I've learned to do quite well...

 for a Yankee, that is!

After eight years, I think I'm going to miss the sounds of their engines roaring up and down the mountain. 


Jill said…
Great shot! Very funny post.
Anonymous said…
In our neck of the woods we have stubby little Canada Post vans. Square with no doors. It must be something in the genes that makes people want to drive and deliver for Canada Post. Even on this quiet residential street they drive like cowboys. Good Shot. I'm sure at your new location they will be just the same.
gld said…
You are in the hills of Virginia, what do you expect.

Now our Ozark hillbilly mailman (had him since l976), just drives quietly by or into our drive to deliver if I have a picked the wrong state.

Just kidding. Va. natives don't take offense, please. I have heard so many hillbilly jokes over the years that I just couldn't help myself.
Hahaha! You mean "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase? That's what I thought, too, even before you mentioned it.
ha! funny.

dontcha gotta drive fast down the middle of the road when its narrow and curvy...thats the way its done...aint it.

TexWisGirl said…
LOL!!! Crumb Petrie lives!!! :)
Louise said…
Look at you, storing up all of these memories of your life in the hollow. You're a very wise woman to do so.

As for the mail delivery in the truck, you're lucky. We get the standard little post office truck, with the mailman sitting on the wrong side of the seat, stuffing mail in the boxes as he goes along.
Angela said…
Yes! It reminds me of Funny Farm too! Our mail lady drives a car. She scares me to death when I have to pass her on our one land curvy up hill down hill road! She's sitting on the wrong side of the car driving with the steering wheel and pedals on the other side and sometimes she's smoking! lol I've seen it! And sometimes she's eating! I've found chips in my mail before! roflol! She's one talented multitasking driver I tell you! lol
THANKS for the grin, and reminding me of a movie that I loved! I think there is a little bit of 'Red Bud' in the little towns that all of us live in!!
trump said…
Just saying hello and hoping that everyone is safe during hurricane Irene's journey through the northeast. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa.
There is nothing like a rural mail person. I love the one we have now, Vicki. She will chat forever if you get caught by her. She knows everyones business and doesn't mind sharing. Plus, you could get anyones mail.

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