It's Coming...

Anybody out there in bloggerville know what this is?  I've been noticing more and more patches of it along the gravel road when I walk in the morning.

It's called KUDZU and it becomes so invasive that it strangles other trees, plants, vegetation.  For eight years, I've watched it spread along the stretch of Rte 220 not far from us...just up and over the mountain.  In fact, silly as it seems, you can almost hear it growing...(LOL).

Seriously though, spotting it on the road has been an eye opener for me.
It's coming...we're going.
Let's just hope we make it out before it invades the Hollow!


gld said…
I saw it for the first time when we went to Tennessee a few years ago.
I covered fences, power poles, an entire valley was just rolling inundations of it.

Your county should get out the sprayers now! I would call them.
I wish our property wasn't so inundated with the junk.
MadSnapper said…
driving through the south you can see kudzu everywhere, covering trees and fences and old houses, anything that gets in its way. shudder hope they don't have it in CT
Chatty Crone said…
It was brought over from China years ago as ground cover. Grows 12 inches a day. It will all die back in the winter. It could kill the tress by smothering it!

People make flour out of it too!

TexWisGirl said…
dum dum DUMMMMM... :) run, JP, run!
Crow said…
In the Smokies they bring in goats to eradicate it. My hubby was a rare plant scientist for the park for a bit.
Texan said…
You need a goat! I read an article that some had actually planted Kudzu as a food source for their goats! They love it and well as you say it grows like crazy! Yep you need a goat! :O)
hmmm...never heard of it...a goat's an idea...but you don't have to'll be gone by the time it covers everything...right?!
Anonymous said…
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Thank goodness you're moving. This stuff will take over your life. I had this in South Carolina. I wish I'd had a goat.
Angela said…
I have seen it in West Virginia but I don't think it is near my house yet. I've also seen some of that bamboo growing wild a few miles from here. Some idiot either planted it or tossed it along the side of the road. I've heard it is very invasive and hard to get rid of too! Both from China!

Have a Great Day!
Retired Knitter said…
Oh my. I saw it first in the 1980s in Georgia. It will take over the world I am afraid.

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