Honey's Home aka Earthquake

Yesterday's earthquake had everyone in a talkative mood and today sharing their stories.  Here's ours:

The Pres had gone into Roanoke to run to Sam's, get his tires rotated, do some shopping and then hit the grocery store.  After all, it was like any other Tuesday, Senior Citizen day!!  Meanwhile, I was here in the Hollow in the home built in the 1800's, a home that was apparently built to last!

The apple butter was cooking in the crock pot, I'd weeded the front walkway and watered the potted plants and hanging ferns and I'd just finished laundry.  Going into the walk-in closet in the master bedroom to put clothes away when I heard and felt the closet "talk" to me.  Looking up at the ceiling where the walls connect and hearing noises...clicking, creaking, I wondered what critter was up in the attic.  I felt the floor and ground quiver and said to myself laughing, I've got to tell the Pres that his Dodge diesel is so loud that it makes the house shake when he pulls in the driveway. Heading out into the garage to meet him, there was something wrong.  There was no Joe...no red diesel truck in the driveway.

Then about a half hour later, my daughter called from Connecticut to ask how we were because of THE EARTHQUAKE.  My response to her was, "Earthquake?" " Mom," she said, "turn on TV.  Tracy's phone just got the weather alert on her phone."  My son called to see if we were okay.  My eldest stepdaughter sent me a text message checking on us.  Sharing the closet story with each of them, we laughed about the noise and vibration that is made by the Pres' Dodge!  After all, humor is a healer.

Oh, the Pres made it home safe and sound and we put groceries away then sat down to watch all the media coverage on the Weather Channel.  And the rest is history.


Jill said…
So glad all is well with you and the Hollow!
Anonymous said…
Apparantly some folk here felt it but I never noticed a thing. No sense no feeling as the saying goes.
I thought at first it was wind gusts. But looked out the window and the leaves on the trees weren't blowing. Then it got stronger, and my pictures were rattling on the walls, and I realized what it was. Luckily, the twins slept through the whole thing.
My hubby thought it was the dogs running thru the greatroom and i was sitting at my desk watching the window in front of me shake and sway....crazy afternoon...!!

TexWisGirl said…
dang! his truck needs a tune-up! :)
Unknown said…
Initially, I thought my dogs were roughhousing! LOL!
Glad all is well.
Texan said…
Yes but you have to love those big Dodge trucks :O). I call them hubba bubba trucks. I just love them! Glad you made it without anything big happening.
Anonymous said…
An earthquake out there is strange & unusual, combined w/ the one in Colorado makes me a bit nervous since we're in the middle of the two & sitting on the New Madrid Fault =0

so glad you're all ok! =)
Louise said…
Some people felt it up here in NY, but, I was in my car at the time, and didn't feel a thing. Glad you all are OK, and didn't suffer any damage.
yeah...having lived in CA for 15 yrs...i have experienced those earthquakes! BUT HERE...on the east coast...???
i can see how you would think it might be joe's truck!

glad to hear you had no damage...and hopefully just a FREAK quake!
Chatty Crone said…
I am glad everyone was okay!
I mean ... who expected an EARTHQUAKE???

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