Let's Get Physical

Shifting into sixth gear while driving South on 220, it dawned on me that this would be my last "annual check-up" with the doctor and staff.   Although a sad feeling had come over me, it subsided as I pulled into the facility for my appointment.

Once inside and taking a seat in the waiting area, I noticed I was early as usual.  Not five minutes passed and a voice all too familiar called out my name, greeting me with her broad grin as I entered and headed down the corridor.

Peeking into the lab as we passed, I said hello to the other gals.  I adore all of them and have gotten to know them quite well over the years.  We "talk" personal stuff, if you know what I mean.  Readying myself for my
visit with the doctor, I felt anxious...nothing new for me.  The gals all knew I was moving since I'd chatted with them extensively ten days ago when I had blood drawn.  However, today I would be telling the doctor.  Suddenly, that light knock on the door then the movement of it opening exposed her smiling face.

Getting right down to business and reviewing all my blood work item by item, she told me to keep up the good work then said something that made me feel awesome.  "Judging by your test results, it's hard to believe that your sixty three."
Wow!  I was beaming with pride and she knew it.  Now on with the physical.

Typical exam, going along just fine as she checked eyes, ears, nose throat, glands.  Placing the stethoscope on my chest she whispered, "deep breath."  Listening to my heart and lungs as the deep breathing continued.  Then, as I lay back on the table and I filled her in on the entire sequence of events and results of the three colonoscopies, I'd had earlier in the year.  She was all ready to begin checking organs (feeling my stomach and pelvis) when the guilt took over.  Suddenly I blurted out, "I have to apologize for all that extra belly fat Dr, I ate an entire cherry pie and seven Dark Chocolate Hershey Bars over the past two weeks."  Glancing at my records displaying on the PC screen, she said, " You're weight is fine." 

The silence then broke as she tossed her head back, laughing.  She then quipped, "Make belly fat with pie...what a great bumper sticker!"  We both broke out in laughter.  When she asked my about my exercise habits, I told her about the ongoing Y workouts along with the early morning walking of the mountain with the dogs.  Telling her that I'd just read an article that people who exercise have more energy than those who don't.  "Do you think I should slow down given my high energy level?"

"No, but I have another bumper sticker saying that would suit you..."NO ESPRESSO FOR ME!"  We laughed so hard that I could feel my face turn beet red.  We talked about my wanting to kayak when I get settled, wearing a life vest and continuing a healthy life style along with the New England snow.

Instructing me on how to obtain my medical records to take with me, my appointment ended with my doctor.  I will miss her.


Jill said…
I think finding a good doctor is the hardest thing to do when moving. I wish you good luck. Sounds like it will be very hard to replace your medical team.

Way to go on such a good check up!
MadSnapper said…
have you found a new place yet? in CT? sounds like you are preparing to move. i wish i had a doctor like this. she sounds wonderful and also her staff. a shame to leave them. hope you find someone just as good in your next place
She sounds awesome! Glad you had a good checkup. Hopefully you'll find a great replacement doctor.
Samantha said…
She sounds like a gem..I'm sure you'll miss her!
Congrats on the great checkup!
Chatty Crone said…
Congrats on being so healthy!
Jill said…
Your Dr. sounds wonderful! This talk of pie and chocolate is making me hungry. How good would a cherry pie with dark chocolate in it be???
Louise said…
It's so hard tearing up all of those roots that you've grown over the years. I hope you find a doctor just as nice, and as good, as this one in Connecticut.
Crow said…
What a wonderful doctor. You are wonderful too. An amazing lady. I cracked up with a mouthful of coffee. :-) Not too many dribbles.
Sounds like the kind of doctor we all wished we had. (Don't suppose she makes house calls to Georgia?)

Good luck finding another doc in CT you like just as much.
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like a great office full of friendly souls. :)
Anonymous said…
How soon are you heading north? Are you getting excited about it??
Anonymous said…
I hope you are able to find a doctor quickly at your new location. Not an easy job here in Ontario.

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