Make One

Going through some of my older pictures, I came across my Garden Bug and thought I'd share her with you, along with how YOU can make one.  This is a simple and fun project that is competed in a relatively short amount of time.

Using an old cedar tree (that was destroyed by the neighbor's goats) it was cut into 10" lengths.  The Pres tapered one end as you can see.

You'll have to drill a hole in the tapered end large enough to hold her neck (one end of a piece of dowel) which is also inserted into the hole you drill into her head (a wooden egg painted by you, of course).  Then you cut out two feet (oval) and drill holes into them as well.  They get attached using more pieces of dowel to her body out her back end. (LOL!!)  Her arms are simply pieces of dowel that are screwed to her body.  I added a few gardening tools since that's where she was going to be placed.  The most difficult was to cut thin sheet metal for her wings (4) and her little bonnet that sits on her head.  The Pres had to do that because my hands were just not strong enough with those big shears.  The last thing you'll need to do is drill one more hole into her tummy.  That's where you'll insert the stake to place her into the ground.  I used old metal ones that I found at the dump.

 Isn't she just darling?


Anonymous said…
She is indeed darling. It's always fun to have things like this in the garden. It adds so much personality.
Sandra said…
she is cute, thank God for hubby's with strong hands, I use my hubby's hands a lot.
Texan said…
I really like her! Thanks for the how to!
CUTE!! (just what i need...another project! haha!!)
Nancy C said…
Modern day folk art. I love it, JP. :)
Angela said…
Cute! :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Too cute! And all the more special that she's hand made! :)

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