Packing 101

Feeling the urge to begin packing and knowing that it would be inevitable, there was was no doubt in my mind what should be packed first...the China. 
I never owned one piece of China until I after I was married to the Pres, primarily because I couldn't afford it and secondly, I was always more down to earth and not into fancy delicate things...being a tom-boy and all.

However, while living in Connecticut back in 1802, my daughter and I came across this China by Johnson Brothers called Friendly Village. It reminded me so much of the holiday China that my Aunt had when I was growing up.  I always loved it so, making me feel safe and warm for some reason.  I imagine it's because it made me feel special.

And so it was.  Every year for Christmas, pieces of the set were given to me and added to collection which was conveniently stored in my pie safe.  Using the pieces religiously for both Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as whenever we had company, it always gave me great pleasure.  So, the first thing packed was the China.  It's ready to go back home with me to serve some of my warm apple crisp topped with whipped creme as well as many other favorites!


I can relate to the china stories. I have packed and moved my china so many times, but for some reason can't give it up. I too only use it for special dinners.
Anonymous said…
I have my wedding china and my grandparents china. Haven't used either in years. It is just taking up valuable space in my cupboards. I am thinking of packing it carefully in rubbermaid totes and labelling it for my grandchildren.
Those are beautiful plates. B
I have some Christmas china that is in storage that I've never even used! I always forget about it come Christmas, and I don't have room in my kitchen to keep it out.

I love the story behind yours :-)
Samantha said…
Love your china, and the story behind it.
I know better than to have nice China..I'm the proverbial bull in said shop!
I love your china and that the pattern is called "Friendly Village." It'll be perfect for your warm apple crisp and your family.
TexWisGirl said…
i am glad you use yours!
Mary said…
I have a couple of small pieces of Johnson Bros. I picked up at thrift stores and I do love it so! I don't have any real China set -- except for the kind made in China. ;)
Louise said…
I didn't know that pattern, so I looked it up. It's lovely! I'm very glad that you use it. Because you do, and because it will have lovely memories associated with it, you children will undoubtedly cherish it, too.

I have my china, my Mothers china, my Aunt's china, and my other Aunt's china. What do I eat off of? A few scroungy pieces of Corelle.
Chatty Crone said…
I like your china too, but I am thinking about all that packing! lol Have you sold yet or just getting ready?
I love your china and that it has such a special place in your family with its memories!
Unknown said…
Oh, man is my mouth watering. Gonna have to get some apples tomorrow for sure! Don't envy the packing, though. All that moving around when I was in the service left me with a deep, deep dislike for doing any more of it.
Tiggeriffic said…
THe china is so wonderful. It would make one feel special eating from..
I have my Mom's 12 peice China dishes and I decided to use 2 of everything that is in the set for supper every evening. Since it's only Dave and I in our house now it's just bringing part of my mom to the table. Memories are a wonderful thing to have~!
Sorry I wasn't able to bring your gift to my blog..I don't know how to do it.. But I appreciate the thought and it was a tiggeriffic idea~!
Have a blessed day~! I so enjoy reading your blog... ta ta for now from Iowa:)
gld said…
I missed this one! I love that pattern too.

My good china came back from Japan after WWII with a relative to my grandmother and then to me. It is Noritake.

I like your china better! It is more me.

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