Paint for "Plain Jane"

Walking into the store, I knew I was in trouble.  I hate picking out paint.  
There, before me, along the entire rear and side wall, were the rows upon rows of paint samples and textures.  Approaching them slowly focusing on the neutral shades, I let go of the Pres' hand enabling me to pick up samples.  An employee came over immediately, asking us if we needed any assistance and then answered the few questions we had.  Then he left us to browse, discuss and decide. 

Did I ever tell you what a "plain Jane" I am?  That's what my Aunt who raised me used to say.  In fact, every time we went out shopping for any type of clothing (including my wedding dress) and I picked out what I liked, that was the comment I got when I came out of the dressing room.  "You're such a plain Jane," she'd say.  To tell you the truth, that did a number on my ego for a long, long time until I finally realized that although I may like plain and look plain, my personality is filled with color!  Ask anyone who really knows me and I'm sure they'll agree. Anyway back to the paint.

Within no time, much to my surprise, the decision was made.  Muslin, part of the Rustic Refined Collection, would be a perfect choice.  The warm yellow tone would enhance the open feeling of the kitchen leading to the great room as well as the arched doorway leading to the sunken dining room.  It would be light and airy, expanding the sense of space, yet give a natural feel and a great back drop to my darker hues of burgundy, green, blue and black.  So a big thanks to the "Paint Store" (aka Sherwin Williams) for making the selection process so easy.

And so it was.  The decision was made by myself and the Pres.  Now it was on to Home Depot to look at the selections of granite and quartz for the counter-tops, as well as kitchen/bathroom faucets.  Other items like ceiling fans, front door hardware and ceramic tile and light fixtures would be saved for yet another day.


gld said…
I don't think I could live through building a new house...I hate making decisions!

I lean toward neutrals too. Muslin sounds perfect.

You sound happy; I am so glad.
I don't mind picking out paints but I hated picking out stuff like light and sink fixtures. Stressful!
MadSnapper said…
I always dread the paint chip aisle, since I have the personality that weighs a decision until i make myself crazy. even when we painted everything white, who knew there were a hundred different whites.
about the plain jane, shame on her for saying that. i have an inferiority complex that started at about 3 years old, built on remarks that were not true, from aunts and uncles, and when i look back I know they were not true, but they have followed me all 67 years of my life, because of remarks from relatives at a young age I spent my school years totally miserable and all for nothing. but because of that, i never say negative things to people, always always say the positive to them.
Anonymous said…
How exciting to get to make all these decisions. Imagine moving into a house and not having to deal with someone elses choices.
TexWisGirl said…
i'm glad you said it, because i was going to - your personality is so vivid you don't NEED anything else to adorn yourself!
carol l mckenna said…
sounds like you a busy 'fixin up' ~ are you still considering moving? ~ enjoy the day ~ ^_^
Samantha said…
Love the color!
I'm with're all the *color* your house needs ;)
Paint picking-out is a very difficult job, and it really doesn't seem like it should be, does it? The colors I pick almost never look like what I think they are gonna look like. We've had do-overs more than once.
Add me to the list of those who love it!! I'm terrible at picking colors--My walls are all still white in a house that we've lived in for almost 4 years, and I'm okay with that! :-)
Picking out paints and wallpapers is a lot of fun for me. It's the aches and pains of applying the darned stuff to the walls that makes me wish I were a few (who am I kidding? Make that twenty) years younger.
Hi, WOW how exciting to be picking out paint and other things for your new place, "A Quiet Corner." I had fallen behind a bit in blog reading so had to do a bit of catching up. It was exciting to read about your future home and to see the photos. After reading about all the corn cleaning and freezing I wondered if all those bags will be moving too? Thanks for the anniversary wishes too.
Mary said…
Most of our house is done in all neutrals. It's just easier that way, I think. Except for the green roof and the red awning, which was a hubby choice. He's more colorful than I. ;)

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