Road Trip

If you're reading this and it's Wednesday, the Pres and I are already on the road, heading to Connecticut.    I'm not quite sure of what to expect when we get up there because as of this writing, some of our kids are still without power.  Last week,when we talked to our builder, he told us that he postponed pouring the concrete  because of Irene.  However, when I spoke with him Monday, all was well with him and the house, which made it through the hurricane unscathed!

We're staying with my MIL and then driving out to meet our builder.  Anxious to see how the house is progressing we also have to set aside some time to pick out a few more building materials for the next phase. 
If things went according to schedule, the painting is complete, the doors have all been hung and the trim has been competed.  They were, as I mentioned earlier, getting ready to pour the concrete for the garage, walks, and steps so perhaps they'll have started that.  The granite has been reserved for the bathroom vanities, the kitchen and the top of the boot cubby (that's another one of our builder's signatures) which is located by the front door.

Hope you all fared the storm as well as we did in the Hollow! 
We only got about forty droplets of rain and a beautiful breeze that lasted for two days.  However, I did loose power several times over the weekend.

P.S.  I scheduled a few posts to last a few days until I return and I didn't bring my laptop with me since I have no connectivity at my MIL's.  Of course, that means I'll have to play catch up when I get back.
 Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said…
Dang, you won't read this til you come back and I want to say....TAKE PICTURES!!!!!
Angela said…
I was going to say the same thing Delores! lol Take pictures! You had better have taken your camera with you!

Have Fun!

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