Swear to Goodness...Blender Pie

Coconut Cream Blender Pie
YUMMY!!!...:)  Thanks mybabyjohn/Delores
A real keeper!


Texan said…
I will be right over!~ I scadootled over to your friends site and printed this and the pumpkin pie one off! Thanks
Nancy C said…
Looks delicious, JP. I may have to try this when the hubby gets home this weekend. :)
Bruce Clark said…
Bring it up to Connecticut when you move!!!
Sandra said…
looks a lot like my mothers custard pie
Anonymous said…
Told you so!!
Unknown said…
PAH! I love coconut, and Michael hates it (this is where you invite me for PAH!)
Dar said…
My, oh My, My lips are a smackin'
gonna make this one~
be right back~~~
Woo HOO! I'm so far behind on reading blogs, I don't even have to wait to see your "part 2!" That pie looks great, and I will definitely try it.

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