Time Change??

If these are called "FOUR O' CLOCKS," why do they bloom in the early morning hours??

...:)  JP


TexWisGirl said…
silly girl! but good question!
'cause they're CLOSED by four?!
Bruce Clark said…
Another question you never get a good answer for...lol
Unknown said…
I think your four-o'clocks are ALL confused!
Open in late afternoon, close by morning..pass them the memo! ;)
carol l mckenna said…
Perhaps they look like 4 o'clock?
They never learned how to read that sun dial?
The common garden variety four-o'clock (Mirabilis jalapa) is also known as Marvels of Peru. They received their name because of their habit of opening in the late afternoon. It is not actually the time of day that causes the flowers to open, but the drop in temperature. The flowers close the next morning, except on dull and cloudy days.

Bet that's more than you wanted to know about that!
Angela said…
Wish I could answer that for you but I have no idea! They must be confused with the time! lol
That's a great question!! I've also wondered why Belladonna Lilies are Called "Naked Ladies?" They don't look like 'naked ladies' ... :-)

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