Who's First?

This morning, after I gave the kids their breakfast, we walked up to the barn as usual.  After they "did their business" on the hillside, Moon bolted out of the woods with the speed of a bullet, racing back down to her food dish for a few nibbles before we walk.

But where was wonder dog (aka Copper Lucas Aspen)?

Why he, being such an inquisitive and effervescent natured pooch, was onto something more important...well, at least to him it was important....digging a bigger hole in the bank!

Did I ever tell you I sometimes refer to him as bonehead?

Did I ever tell you how much I love him?   It's not that I feel sorry for him, because he's not the brightest bulb in the box, nor because he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I love him because he simply loves life and takes it all on eagerly (excluding the few nervous twitches when bees are around him).

Looking at this picture, I can clearly see that he was literally deep in thought and up to his ears and eyes in work.   So, before too much time lapsed, I hollered out, "Who's first?"   That's the prompt to head to the back gate and whichever dog gets there first, gets their halter and lead put on first.

As usual, we were off, two leads, two dogs and me...to walk the gravel road.


TexWisGirl said…
sweet! :) silly boy!
Anonymous said…
At least you have a magic phrase that gets them all going in the same direction.
Chatty Crone said…
Good thing it wasn't a skunk!
Unknown said…
We'll just call him..uncomplicated ;)
I just took the tour of your home. Very nice I, too, like in a log home we rebuilt from a few old ones. Aren't the logs great? You can put a nail anywhere and when you want to change a picture around, just pull out the nail and put it somewhere else.
Okay, now i've just read your complete profile. When my mom went to "town" growing up, she went to Boone's Mill. Her family owned Algoma. We had relatives in Boone's Mill but I guess it has grown up alot since those days. Our family is the Guerrants and the Hales. Nice to see Boone's Mill
sometimes...a dog's just gotta...be...a dog! :)
gld said…
Your dogs are lucky to have you for a "mom". My digger does huge holes in my yard. Poor thing has skin problems and I guess it makes him a cool place to lie down.

The holes do not make me happy.
Bee Lady said…
We have two dogs. Winston, the Welsh terrier gets a treat for sitting, laying down, crawling, etc. Dixie, well he gets a treat for breathing. He's simple, but we love them both. Furry little mutts you can't help but love them.

Cindy Bee
Unknown said…
...or maybe brighter than you think! Not a care in the world and loving it! Sigh.....to be like him! :)
Lovable little creatures.
It sounds like you lead a rather idyllic life. Gotta love those pooches.

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