Almost Home: The Inside

Kitchen to Living Room

Front door/stairway to partially finished basement

Dining Room into Kitchen

Sunken Dining Room

2nd Bedroom (Basement)

2nd Bedroom Closets

3rd Bedroom (Office for me)

Walkout Basement Out to Stone Patio

Lots of Light!!!
I just LOVE it!  There's lots of light in the LR, as you can see and also in the DR because of the slider.  The sunken dining room gives you a Welcome, come on in feeling.  The bathrooms are spacious  and the laundry room is located downstairs.  The patio out the basement door will be stone block and although the deck off the slider will be small, the Prez is already planning another L-shaped one off of it.

The first task will, of course, be for the Prez to go up before the closing and build the fence for Moon and Copper.  We have that "laid out" in our minds and as long as the trees cooperate, it will work.  We're only putting wooden, which he'll build like the one we have here, where it can be seen.  The rest is going to be what we call "farm fence" because it won't be noticeable in the woods.


Anonymous said…
It's all coming together. Are you getting anxious?
I love, love, love your new home. I know you are so excited. I can't wait for you to get settled. That Prez is a real keeper isn't he!
MadSnapper said…
it is beautiful, I really like your choice of windows and doors, the small panes. pretty and let in lots of light. glad you are getting a fence for your fur babies.
Beautiful! Make sure the Pres builds the fence high enough for that sneaky Moon ;-) I went and said hi to them when you were gone and I was running by. Moon didn't jump out again but she did do some dutiful barking :-)
Samantha said…
LOVE it! It's so welcoming!
TexWisGirl said…
it is already beautiful and welcoming...
carol l mckenna said…
It looks wonderful! But where is it? VA? ^_^
Louise said…
Oh, it's going to be wonderful! Just think, a brand new house that you can make your mark on. It will grow and develop, and be more and more yours the longer you live in it.
Unknown said…
It's really coming along nicely!
This is the part that I can really see and imagine how it's all going to come together--It only gets more exciting from here!!
Chatty Crone said…
Whew - that is going to be one lovely house! Your new home. sandie
Angela said…
I love it JP! It is coming along really fast too! Don't you love the smell of new constructions! I do! :)
Thanks for sharing the progress. It's exciting for you and it shows in your posts.

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