Babysitting~Part 2

Looking down at the dog and making eye contact, I said, Now how in the world did you get on this deck?
 Needless to say, he didn't answer me, per se, because we all know that dogs can't talk.
Gazing into his happy, clear, bright eyes, I again said, How did you get over that gate?  In a instant, he crouched down, extending his front paws fully, exhibiting "play mode."  Again I repeated How did you get over that gate?

The next thing I knew he was up and over the gate.  He jumped the gate and cleared the steps on the other side with the ease of a gazelle.  Standing now on the other side with what appeared to be the biggest smile on his face, I gleefully commended him.  
And just to show off, he jumped again, landing right in front of me as if to say:

See that's how I got on the deck!


Anonymous said…
Wow...a circus dog.
They can amaze you sometimes.
TexWisGirl said…
what a cute and athletic boy!!
MadSnapper said…
beautiful dog, great story
Chatty Crone said…
He may be a permanent pet! sandie
He's a smart boy! I love your new header, btw!

Oh, and that wasp's nest on the road - we saw it too. It's HUGE!!
Jill said…
Well...I guess that he answered your question. Ha...
Bee Lady said…
WOW! We have a neighbor who has a doberman. He can clear our six foot privacy fence!

Cindy Bee

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