Friday: Our First House Guest

I slept until 7:23 am!  Holy Moosepoops!  I never sleep that late, I said to my MIL.  As she and I sat down to chat and and have our coffee, I asked her what plans she had for the day.  My MIL has been feeling down in the dumps lately...a lot.  It's because, at the age of 87, she has discovered that she "can't do the things she used to" as she so aptly puts it.  And, that, my friends, gets her down in the dumps as I'm sure it will all of us some day.

However, on a lighter note, she really likes it when I come to visit because I make her laugh.  Now, I haven't quite figured out if it's that I have a knack or if she's laughing at me, but at this point, I really don't care.  It just makes me feel good that I can make her feel good, if you know what I mean.  That's all that matters at this stage of the game.

Once the Prez rolled out of bed and had his OJ and toasted Italian bread, we were off...the three of us.  Mom was going to be my first house-guest and I was tickled!  Accepting the invitation with grace and pride, she said, why, I'd love to be the first.  

She thought the house was adorable and was going to fit us perfectly.  I'd told her that we would be scaling back a lot and all she did was praise us for doing it now before we got too old.  God bless her.
Then we took an alternate route home and came across these interesting sites:

The Frog Bridge?


gld said…
She sounds like a very nice person and a good MIL. I have one of those only mine is 93!
Samantha said…
Your MIL sounds lovely! :)

I love the frog..very cool!
Anonymous said…
She's only NOW starting to find there are things she can't do? Crikey!! She's done well.
The frog is a winner by the way.
Chatty Crone said…
You must be closer to her now - that sounds great. sandie
What a wonderful MIL. Lucky you.

WHERE are you settling???..... I must have missed a post. Will go back :-)
Louise said…
It certainly sounds like you have a great MIL. And, it sounds like you're a great DIL. That frog is just too clever.
MadSnapper said…
i wish my mother could see that frog, she loved frogs and collected them.
TexWisGirl said…
what a great thing to share with your MIL. i know she was pleased as punch...
Glad you got to sleep in. I know that's not your norm. Your MIL sounds delightful. Coming to visit you will give her something to look forward to. You would make anyone laugh!
Nancy C said…
I can totally relate == my mom is 82 and there are so many things she can't do now and it upsets her at times.
A lovely post, JP, and of course a frog bridge is OK by us but where is there a penguin one?

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