Hollow History = Making Friends

After pooping myself out this morning doing some more packing and helping the Prez load up a trailer load of stuff from the shed, barn and attic for a "dump run," I decided that this afternoon I would just flop.  Off I went outside with Moon and Copper to just chill, until the three of us noticed a new double cab pick~up coming down the mountain ever so slowly.

Moon's ears went up and Copper's senses kicked in as they both ran towards the fence, letting the driver know that they were being watched.  Rather than hearing a truck round the bend, I heard it come to a stop.  Immediately thinking that they stopped to pick up a flyer from the Realtor, I remained seated in my comfortable chair, until I saw Moon and Copper go flying towards the gate with fur raised.  It was then I heard a faint "Hello".

Walking over to the fence, the gentleman on the other side extended his hand and introduced himself.  Clean cut and well groomed, he had the look of kindness combined with friendliness on his face.  I noticed several other men in the truck looking in our direction.  

Well, are you ready for this one?  Larry used to live here!  Yes, back in 1991, he owned this house...another piece of Home in the Hollow's history solved!!  Having it for only a year, he sold it to Bill, furniture and all.  Of course, when he lived here there was no addition.  That was added on after Bill married and he and his wife were expecting twins.

And so, I invited he and his friends in for a tour.  They were so kind to tell me that not only did the house give them a warm, welcome feeling, but also loved the way I tell a story.  And wait, there's more.  They are from Massachusetts...all of them...and are on their way to Tennessee.  Isn't that just awesome?  One of them is an actual guitar maker and together they form a Bluegrass Band!  Go take a peek at their web site.  Here's their link: Acoustic Blue

During the tour, he'd ask, "Does the old phone still work?  And what about the cast iron cook stove?  Do you still get water from the mountain springs?"  Then something so sweet happened.  As he told us he'd sold furniture and all, I said, "Follow me, handsome.  I want to show you something," walking to the spare bedroom.  "This was in the attic when we got here.  Is it yours?"

Hollow History (1991)
   Looking at me with the widest grin I think I've ever seen, he said, "Yes.  It's mine."
"Would you like it back?"

"The truck is filled with our instruments and really don't have room for it," he replied smiling.

Can you believe that?  So now I've not only stumbled upon some more of the history of the Home in the Hollow, but also found the real owner of this dresser!

We exchanged emails and lots of hugs and well wishes along with us inviting them for supper on their return trip before they got into their truck.  Then he asked, "If you don't mind me asking, what are you selling the place for?"  Once I told him, one of them walked down the driveway to pull a flyer form the box.  Larry then said, "I'd love to buy the place back, live here again, if I could talk my wife into moving."

Remember I told you that I'm not good at good-byes but excel at hellos?  Well, today proved it, once again!  

P.S.  Did you notice my new button on my sidebar?  Snappy Di creator of The Blue Ridge Gal made it for me...:)


Old Time Cindy said…
Such a sweet chapter to add to the story of Home in the Hollow.
gld said…
What are the odds of that happening?

How nice to add another piece to the history of the place.
Bee Lady said…
What a very cool story. I love stories like this one.

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
I hope you are going to leave the new owners the written history of the place. Wouldn't it be amazing if one of the old owners actually bought it back?
TexWisGirl said…
what a wonderful connection! you are a trusting soul to invite several men into your home so they surely must have given off good vibes.
Jill said…
Wow! What an incredible thing to have happened. Now wouldn't that be perfect if he could move back to the Hollow.
Angela said…
Wow! It just keeps getting better and better JP! What a story. Glad they stopped by for a visit. Who knows he might be moving back in. Now that would be great!
How furtunate that you were home when Larry and the others drove by. It would have been terrible to have missed this opportunity to learn more about the Hollow's history. This was a great human interest story.
Nancy C said…
Well, if he ends up buying the place back, this story will definitely have a happy ending. :)
Chatty Crone said…
Love your story! sandie
What fun - so interesting that old dresser was his. I hope he and his wife decide to buy it ;-)
Louise said…
That was a wonderful story. You have filled in more of the history of the Hollow, and you have made a new friend. What a great day!
Retired Knitter said…
Man I wish I could be in the position to buy your house. I just love all of the history that surrounds it.

I can see how hard it would be to leave it.

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