More Chinese Fire Drills...# 93

So you know the routine when a Realtor calls for a showing.  We clean up, pack up the dogs and head out.  So, Tuesday we did just that.  The original appointment was 9-10 am.

As the dogs settled in the back seat of the truck, and we headed over the mountain, the cell phone rang.  It was the Realtor.  Another appointment coming between 11-12 which meant a three hour window of opportunity was given to us.

So now the list of "Things To Do" changed:

Shop for Trailers
Shop for Groceries
Drop at Goodwill
Drop at Dump

Sometimes you have to do a lot of shopping and dropping...especially when it comes to moving!  Oh, and one more thing. Being flexible helps too!...:)


Well, at least you have a lot you can do during your fire drills. Any DQ this time around? :-)
Gail said…
I am remembering this time to say how much I love the retaining walls in your header photo.
Anonymous said…
Is this the same realtor that loves them and leaves them at your place for YOU to show around? Yikes!
Samantha said…
Hoping things went well!!
TexWisGirl said…
one of these days, these fire drills are going to result in a serious buyer!
Nancy C said…
What can ya do? Just go along with the craziness until someone makes an offer you can't refuse. :)
I remember those days when we were trying to sell our last house--We had it down to a science, but I hated it when people would get there early and see us leaving with all the dogs--That always managed to scare them off...

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