More Shopping

After going to the house on Thursday, we had our assignment.  Going back to my MIL's for supper, we found out that she had plans that evening so it worked out well.  We could head to out in search of:

8 sconces
2 pendants
1 chandelier 
3 light-bars
5 outside carriage lights
1 outside hanging light
3 motion detectors with lights

And what a time we had!  Each time we found a light we liked, it didn't come in the finish that matched the hardware or if a light matched the hardware, it was ugly as could be.  However, three stores later with boxes loaded in the back of the truck, we had accomplished our mission and headed back to Mom's.  I couldn't wait to put my jammies on...:)

P.S.  I did screw up though.  Some of the lights do not have alabaster globes so I'll have to swap a few out.  I never realized how hard it is to SHOP!


TexWisGirl said…
i'd be drinking heavily throughout this process. :)
Louise said…
Hard to shop, but rewarding in the end. That said, since the internet came along, I'm getting really bad about shopping. It's just too easy to click and ship.
I feel so bad for you. I hate to shop more than anything, well except clean the house. Sounds like you are doing great.
I remember when we were doing all this for our last house before we sold it--I thought it would be fun, but it's harder to put it all together than I thought it would be--It's kind of like a puzzle, isn't it?
Angela said…
That's the fun part JP! We had a great time when we were building our house. Unfortunately we are still adding a few finishing touches but it is still fun!
Looking forward to seeing how those items look in your new house, JP. And I can remember when we were doing that for this VA house.
gld said…
I can't believe you found all those without having to order something! Good work.

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