Take Me Home

Do you think it was psychosomatic that the Wrangler began swaying to and fro as we cruised on I 84 going 70 mph in NY?  I mean, do you think it was trying to tell me it didn't want to move?  Or do you think it was telling us to hurry up and get there?

Well, that's just what happened!  Thank goodness the Prez was able to steady the Dodge, holding the wheel with both hands, until we were able to slow down, find big enough spot and come to a stop.

Getting out of the truck, it was clear what was the underlying cause.  One of the straps had completely come off!!  The. wheel strap that holds the tire onto the dolly was undone and had slipped off!!   He thinks the steering wheel wasn't locked and when we took a sharp turn at the gas station, the wheels never righted themselves.  Scary!  But it only took a few minutes to fix the problem and we were back on the road.

So, I guess I was right...my Wrangler and I will continue to have adventures!  YeeeeeeHaaaaaw!

...:)  JP


TexWisGirl said…
and hopefully you'll stay safe and tied down when you need to be! :)
Chatty Crone said…
Glad you and the wrangler are okay!
Gail said…
That was close!
Oh jeez, that coulda been ugly!
Hi JP, glad the Wrangler, you and the Prez were all safe...wouldn't want to lose anyone or anything.

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