We're Back

Knowing that it won't be necessary to drive ten hours to see the family and our friends made the trip back to Virginia a good one.  There was not a lot of traffic and the ride was under overcast skies until we hit the sun and humidity here in Virginia.

Hoping that my internet connectivity is not interrupted by the predicted rain, I have a lot of catching up to do on your blogs and am looking forward to that!  I also have a lot to tell you, along with showing you a few pictures of the house!

What I can say is...IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!


Glad you made it home, safe and sound, even though your heart is surely with your soon-to-be new home in CT. We're on the road as well this holiday weekend visiting family and friends in NJ.
Louise said…
Glad you had a good trip back. You're right, soon you won't have to make that drive any more. Ten hours is a long haul. I'm looking forward to seeing new pictures of the house.
MadSnapper said…
happy for you the new house is getting closer to move in. do you have a target date for moving?
Janie said…
Never been in that neck of the woods. It will be nice to see some of your travel photos in that area. Someday I hope to take that long road from Northern California to Maine and all in between. Welcome home.
So happy you're back! Can't wait for the photos.
Add me to the list of those that are glad you're home safely and can't wait to see your pictures!! Rest up and enjoy your day!
Tiggeriffic said…
Have a great holiday~!
Pamper yourself, take a walk one more time up to that ridge, won't be long and you'll be in that new house sending all kinds of pictures of the wildlife that is in the area..
Have a Tiggeriffic Holiday~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Nancy C said…
Can't wait to see the house... but I guess you are going to make us! :)

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