Asking Family for Help

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it's difficult to ask people for help?  It can be difficult but it is something that you simply must do occasionally. 

We didn't have a problem asking our son, daughter and her boy friend to help us.  We accept the fact that we're older, that this was exhausting and that we couldn't do things quite as quickly as we used to be able to.
Saturday morning we got an early start leaving our friends.  We were now anxious to get started as my daughter, her boy friend and my son were meeting us at the house to help unload the trailer. It took them (including the Prez, of course) only a little over two hours to get everything off.  Boxes and furniture cam in faster than I could direct it!

After everything on that first load was in, we all took a detailed tour.  I was really curious to see what my kids would say about the house, good, bad or otherwise.  It was all good.  After they left, the Prez and I worked until about 8:00pm.  We were so busy, that we completely forgot to eat!

New Home for Mini
For the next few days, our routine was the same from morning til night.  After all, the Prez was leaving for VA on Thursday, Oct 27th for the second.  It was then he would be bringing the dogs.  He only had a few days to finsih building the fence.

I learned that my trash day here is Thursday, which means Wednesday night, we're busy...LOL!!!...pulling the huge bins down the gravel road to the roadside, placing them 18 inches apart.  Yep, there's a lesson here:  There is a gravel road regardless of where you live (because we've got one here too...just a lot shorter!!) AND trash bins must always be 18 inches apart...:) 


Gail said…
Great progress and wonderful that you had someone to help.
MadSnapper said…
your new home is really lovely, and glad you had help with the unloading. welcome back to blog land, missed you. can't wait it hear how the dog move went. hope that is next. we only have one BIG on wheels trash bin and it has to sit ON the curb, with hinged lid facing the road and straight not crooked because the big truck has a robot arm that reached out, lifts and dumps and sits back down.
LOL i have this picture of you with a yard stick measuring the 18 inches.
Glad to see you all settled in!
Bee Lady said…
Hey JP looks like you are getting all settled in. You have a great way of looking at adventures if you just let them in. I get stuck in that area. Sounds like your closing was about the most relaxing closing EVAH and I'm so glad your family is there to help you out.

Cindy Bee
Mary said…
So glad to hear from you, JP. Wondering how you all have been doing over the past month.

Great to have strong backs to help bring in the possessions. :)
Anonymous said…
Nice looking fence!!
I'm tired just reading this. I always make a bunch of food and everyone is happy to help.
TexWisGirl said…
funny, the things you have to re-learn in a new place!
Inger said…
My BIL and his son helped my husband move up here in February. The son bailed for the second load -- I guess it was too much for his young self. Oh, well, I'm so glad you guys are getting help and getting settled in your new home.
Tiggeriffic said…
IT's amazing how our young children can move things effortless and get things done so quickly. Just to think I was there not too long ago.
Asking for help is a necessity. So glad that you have finally arrived~!
I have missed you and so happy you are back.. Wish I lived close to you I'd be right there with a pot of chilli for your supper and apple pie for dessert.
Have a blessed day~ta ta for now from Iowa:)

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