Another One Bites The Dust

If you noticed, I put my favorite swags under the windows around the house.  When I put them up though, I ran into a slight dilemma.  The house in Virginia was made of wood with wooden trim around the windows and my favorite swags were a non-event.  However, this house has vinyl siding along with vinyl trim around the doors and windows.  Although I love both the color and texture, I did have just a slight problem "hanging" decorations.  Not wanting to put a hole in the siding nor vinyl trim, I wanted to find a "work around."  This is what it was referred to back in the days when I worked at the bank.
I love that expression:  find a work around

No big deal, I thought.  I began with these "Command" strip hooks that apparently are the latest rage because they were sold everywhere!  I took the bait, I'll admit buying two large packages and then hung the swags.  The next morning as I circled the house admiring the decorations, there two were that had bit the dust during the night!  They had become unstuck and landed right near the patio.

It was time for more drastic measures so I then moved on to double sided sticky tape that will withstand moisture.  Don't waste your money folks!  Good luck with that crap because, the next day, once again, down on the ground.  Determined to get these damn favorite swags hung and looking absolutely adorable on this house, I hit the local hardware stores in search of "Vinyl Siding Hangers" that I found on the internet

Buy local...everyone always says so I headed over to the local hardware store.  According to the manager at True Value, "they are out of season."  "OUT O F SEASON," raising my voice, "this is the time of the year the everyone is hanging all sorts of stuff (she's lucky I didn't say CRAP) on their homes."  No matter, she would contact me when they came in for the "season" which is flippin' August!!

Undauted by my dilemma, I continued to search high and low for something that would do the job.  I really thought I'd lucked out when I met the manager of the WalMart automotive department.  He suggested automotive double sided sticky tape.  "It hold cars should do the trick."  And so I did as he suggested...cruised over to the automotive section, picked up the tape (two rolls, I might add!) and headed home.  The Prez snickered as I once again went window to window.  

Using the double-sided automotive tape to secure the hooks, I then proceeded to simply hang the swags on the hooks.  It worked.  IT HELD...well, for about ten days anyway.  Then there they were on the ground again.

  This time, I decided to rely on my own logic.  Heading for my "craft corner" (which really isn't a corner but rather two entire four drawer dressers), I found just what I needed.  Pipe cleaners!  Twisting two pipe cleaners together, I anchored the ends through the swag, then around the hook and then, opened the window and twisted the pipe cleaner ends around.  Slamming the windows shut right on the pipe cleaners, I now realized that my swags were not going least not until I attempt to take them down!  Lets hope I can get them down and don't pull off the vinyl siding in the process!!

Oh, one more thing...I'm ording those hooks in August!  


You went through a lot of trouble!
gld said…
Pipe cleaners! who would have thought....did you even try duck tape?
That is our answer to anything outside.

Have a wonderful Christmas with the Prez and family in the gorgeous new home!
Anonymous said…
Lovely and well worth the effort. Good old Amerian ingenuity.
I'm glad you found a work around! And don't forget to order those vinyl siding hangars next August! ;)
TexWisGirl said…
i was gonna suggest a few clothes hangers for the wires! :)
Samantha said…
I'll buy local until I hit STUPID snags like snow shovels available in August, but not February. Then, it's Amazon all the way, baby.
MadSnapper said…
so good old common sense won the war on the swags. I laughed all the way through this one. hanging curtains makes me crazy. you done good.
barbara l. hale said…
Nice to meet you, fellow Valley resident. Looking forward to following your blog.
Texan said…
This reminds of the time the gal at Walmart told me they didn't have any canning jars as they were out of season. It was summer! Further more when is a canning jar reallyt= out of season? ROFL...

I was thinking duck tape, cuz ya know duck tape is our friend!
Chatty Crone said…
When you make your mind up - you make your mind up! Good job. sandie
I'm having a similar problem but it is with plaster. I have already compromised our exterior to a great degree by making holes in it or having Patient Husband do it for me. I was sort of shocked that he would do it..but I think he knew I was determined.
You were probably right not to the heck is AUGUST the season???? Maybe they are thinking of Fall and all the decorating done at that time..and figure you can buy then for the entire season. Sounds like something people who put Summer things out in February, would do! Since you are freezing you don't want to buy a bathing who are fashionista's get the best suits. I don't wear one anyway so what do I care.
Don't forget your hangers next.."SEASON." LOL
Pipe cleaners...I say whatever works! You did good!

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