Christmas in Connecticut

Several of you have told me that it will be a wonderful Christmas this year because we can spend time with the kids and grandchildren.  You’re right!  Living in Virginia, we would make the ten hour drive and generally arrive at my MIL’s shortly after supper because we would inevitably hit the five o’clock traffic (let alone the last minute shoppers in and around every Mall we had to pass).

The next few days we would attempt to cram in visits with everyone to the point where we would go to one relative’s house, stay a few hours, then move on to the next.  Constantly shuffling from one home to another as they would extend such thoughtful invitations.  Before we knew it, the few days would pass and we would hit the road at 5:00am to once again make the ten hour trek back to Virginia.  After doing that for eight years, we are more than happy to say that this year we will enjoy our Christmas in Connecticut.  Life is good...and sometimes...letting it happen is even better!!

This year, we will spend Christmas Eve with my daughter and her sweetheart, bringing pumpkin pie, shrimp cocktail, crab salad, home made cheese ball, coconut pie, lemon bars and of course, a cookie tray to share.  Christmas Day will find us at our new home enjoying each other's company, that of our dogs, more good food and more time with family!...:)

P.S.  Even my snowman made the trip home.  Funny story about my snowman...remind me to tell you that one. 

Christmas in CT
Here's hoping you ALL have the most wonderful Christmas ever!!
I know I will...:)



Anonymous said…
Just think of the time you have freed up for visiting and loving your family....Have a Fabulous Christmas in your new home.
MadSnapper said…
your home is beautiful and very festive and I love the photo in your header of the door with frost. Merry Christmas and you are still in my reader. whoo hoooo
TexWisGirl said…
yay! enjoy your much less hectic Christmas season this year!
Merry Christmas, JP!

I love how you decorated, by the way.
barbara l. hale said…
Merry Christmas to you! Glad you get to spend it in the Last Green Valley!
Old Time Cindy said…
Merry Christmas to you!
Betty said…
Everything looks so festive, but where's the snow? I guess you'll just have to remember your white Halloween. Wish I was back on the east coast...I still miss it. Merry Christmas!
Texan said…
Merry Christmas back at ya girly!
Chatty Crone said…
Merry Christmas - I love the movie with B. Stanwick A Christmas In Connecticut - I'm so glad you are happier there. sandie
Mary said…
So happy that everything is falling into place for you in your new home. :)
Just read this post, JP, and can so identify with the time spent travelling to visit family. We're hitting the road this weekend to visit family members in NJ, PA, RI, CT (New London). It's a 10 hr drive to see the grandkids in RI which is one of the reasons we want to relocate to NH within a year, preferably less. We need to sell our home here on the VA Easter shore. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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