Close Matters

December 11th was my youngest grand daughter's third birthday.  The Prez and I had gone to Target and picked up a few things that the little one had been eying.  The food was great.  Visiting with my son's in-laws again was just as great.  However, I have to admit that when the little one came up to me and said, Nana, lets go play in my room.  You can throw my animals at me and I can throw them at you, like we did before, OK?  When that little girl said that to me, I didn't need to be invited twice.  Walking down the hallway to her bedroom hand in hand, I was in heaven!

The party went beautifully especially since I had the chance to spend most of my time with the little one while the adults chatted.  Later on, after cake, we were downstairs in what my son calls "the man cave" playing ball when I realized it was time for the Prez and I to hit the road.

"Mia, Nana's got to go home now."  Looking perplexed she replied, "Why?"  I said, "Nana has to go home and give her doggies some love too."  She ran up to me, wrapped her arms and legs around my left leg and said, "Nana, don't go home.  Nana, don't leave." 

I reached down, lifting her up in my arms and hugged her as tightly as I could.'s good to be back and closer to the ones we love...:)


Mary said…
How sweet! One of many wonderful family moments ahead for you, I hope JP. :)
Retired Knitter said…
What a nice visit - what a great relationship with your granddaughter. I am so envious!
That cake looks amazing! Great you got to spend her birthday with her!

And happy birthday to YOU JP!!
MadSnapper said…
thanks for sharing your Happy Holiday story. i know you are really glad to be close enough to visit without a whole day's travel.

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