A Condo?

We'd only been here at short time when the Prez told me about a condo that was going to be built.  Holy moose poops, I thought!  Well actually, it was was more like oh, crap...probably even worse! 

That day was the day I decided to go exploring.  No, not for adventures...for things that we needed.  I'd gone out for the day in an attempt to find my way around a little and pick up a few things on "the list."  Thank goodness for my GPS.  However, I did find that we are only about five miles aways from grocery stores, drugstore and a mall.  We live in the Center, if you will, so the Post Office and Fire Department is close-by as well. 

By the time I returned, I was given the full scoop on the condo.  He told me to meet him out back for the explanation.  There it was.  No, not on the fifty five acres behind us.  It was in our yard!  The Prez had built a condo for Moon and Copper!!!  It is awesome.  We plan on painting it the same color as the house once the wood weathers.

As you can see, there is an overhang that protects their feeding stations on both sides.  Let me also add that the finished product is insulated and has a wall divider in it as well.  The roof is hinged so it can be lifted which is great becausee each unit is large enough to put their crate into.  You see, Moon and Copper were crate trained as pups although we removed the doors as soon as they knew the command "your bed."
We did, however, put a dog door on Copper's side to help keep the chilly air out and the warm air in.  Moon seems to love the cool nights.  Besides, she's never been one to feel "trapped, closed in."  She delights in her freedom...I think she takes after me!

Here's a side view with Copper snacking and Moon lying next to the house the Pres built for our generator.


Gail said…
Wonderful project!
Bee Lady said…
Moon and Copper are lucky dogs.

Cindy Bee
Chatty Crone said…
HA HA - I liked their condos - he did a great job. sandie
LOL, he sure pulled one over on you!
TexWisGirl said…
that's the kind of condo project i like! :)
Anonymous said…
Phew. You dodged that bullet. That's my kind of condo.
You had me going wondering what condo the Prez was referring to - this one is nice and next he may put in heaters for Moon & Copper.
now THAT's a cool doggie condo!! wow!! will he be building a second floor on that? ha!

hey...sorry...i'm soooooo far behind...as usual!! have no fear, i'll catch up with ya! :)

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