Friends are for...

sharing!  And that's just what Bev did.  She shared one of her famous recipes with me.  I made them this afternoon for the Prez and THEY ARE A KEEPER as is Bev!  In fact, they were so tasty that my MIL and Sister want the recipe AND I'm going to make another batch to introduce to the kids as the "new kid on the block."

The story is simple.  While out grocery shopping last week, the Prez and I hit nearly every major grocery store close to us.  First we hit Big Y to get their deals.  Then we hit Super Walmart to get their deals.  Next in line was Aldis and lastly was Stop & Shop.  Now when we were at Aldis, a wear house type grocery store where everything is in cases and you help yourself., I spotted a package of cookies that my MIL has at her house all the time.  Placing them in the carriage, I told the Prez that I would stash them until Mama came over to visit again.  He laughed as he responded, "Sure, like cookies are going to last with you in the house!"

So they were strategically placed in the back of the cupboard.  Then one night we wanted a little something.  Of course, I could have broken into the cookies I've been baking for the kids, but instead I opened that package.  Now the Prez has never been fond of anything too sweet, but these he really took a shine to.

Bev and I email back and forth regularly so I thought that since she is in my eyes, the Recipe Queen, I asked if she had a good recipe I could try.  She came through with flying colors as I'd told her the consistency we were looking for...not too sweet, chewy, crispy.  


Anonymous said…
Well isn't that lovely, you find the perfect cookie recipe, brag about it and then don't share it. Peachy.
So are these coconut cookies as written on the baggie?
Nancy C said…
Bev is a very sweet lady. :)
How did I miss your post yesterday! Feel free to post the recipe if you like. I'm glad you liked them
yummy! coconut? that sounds even YUMMIER. that's a nice batch you made there...and i bet they didn't last too long!
Angela said…
I'm with the first commenter! What gives? Do share! ;)
Chatty Crone said…
I'm sure it was an over site not to put the recipe there. sandie

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