Let There Be Cookies!

Let it be written, let is be said
Cookie making with family is NOTHING TO DREAD!!!!

One Sunday, I got help from my son, his wife and our youngest granddaughter, Mia!

Mia sporting my VA cowgirl hat!

No need to ask me how this day was!!!


Well, I know firsthand how good your cookies are!
MadSnapper said…
cool icing mustache that cowboy has.. lots of fun toooo
Hi JP, bet the sampling was as much fun as the baking, yum!
Anonymous said…
And a grand time was had by all.
Nancy C said…
It's so obvious why you moved back to CT -- look at the smiles. :)
Chatty Crone said…
So nice that you are able to have "A Christmas in Connecticut" with your family. sandie
This is strange..I came by and left a comment on this post but I don't see it. Any day that cookies are made is a GREAT day! :)

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