Now What? aka Listen to the Dog

The other night the rain storm that lingered over the South made it's way to Connecticut.  Throughout the day, we only got an occasional sprinkle every now and then.  However, that night on our local news and weather, they said we could get up to three inches of rain and that the winds would be heavy at times.  That prediction hit us around the middle of the night.

Waking from a sound sleep around 1:30am, I peered out the window and saw the trees that edge the yard swaying to and fro in the driving rain.  Awakened by Copper's incessant barking, I looked at the clock and although it was only 4:45am, I got up thinking "now what?"  You see, Copper not only is a good watch dog, he also barks at anything that is out of place.  For instance, one time he sat under the ceiling fan and looked up at it barking because I'd neglected tot urn it back on after cleaning it!

Pulling on my nylon pants over my jammies and fastening my parka, I stepped into my rubbers and headed outside in the torrential wind and rain.  The motion detector clicked on and there he stood outside his condo
facing the fence.  Shining the flashlight towards the spot where the Prez parks his truck, I saw what was wrong. 

Taking this picture the following day, you can see just what it was.  The forty foot cedar had been disturbed's roots torn from the earth swollen with rain.  It was now "hung up" is a cluster of smaller trees and no long stood tall and erect.

Notes to self:
Tell the Prez to get out the chain saws.
Always listen to the dog.


Anonymous said…
Smart puppy. You are wise to listen to him.
Inger said…
I always listen to my dogs. they have different barks for different situations, like give me a cookie, let me in, or someone is coming on OUR road! Too bad about the tree though.
TexWisGirl said…
didn't take long for your pups to get used to the new 'normal'. :)
I hate to say it, but my dogs are smarter than I am.
nice that they warned you before it went KaBooM!
Glad there were no injuries, JP.
Nancy C said…
So sorry you lost one of your beautiful trees, JP. But at least it might warm you next winter. :)

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