Snowstorm in October (cont)

There he stood.  A young boy and as he spoke the gray and white pitt bull took a step forward and entered my house.  Immediately I grabbed his leather collar and turned him right around saying, "Oh no, you don't."  The young man, dressed only in a red shirt and jeans (even though there was snow on the ground!) and a baseball hat that sat sideways on his head, asked if I knew who the owner of the dog was.  "Yes, he belongs over there" pointing to the house that sits behind us on fifty five acres.  If you follow that path through the woods, it will take you there."

Settling back down in the living room and picking up my book, I noticed that my cell phone battery would soon be in need of a charge.  I'd planned on going outside around five-ish.  That way, it would be charged for the night just in case the Prez or the kids called.

Sitting in the car as the heated seats warmed my back I thought about what I would eat for supper once I went in.  Suddenly I saw a young man, older than the first, walking up the gravel road from his car.  He approached the car and I had only lowered the window a few inches when he spoke.  "Do you own a gray and white pitt bull, Maam?  Do you know where he belongs?  He's such a good dog.  I saved him from getting hit four times just now...he was in the middle of the road!"

Once again, I told this young man, who told me he was "Robert from Ashford" as he shook my hand, where the dog belonged and then suggested that if he didn't find the owner home, perhaps he should drop the dog with the local ACO.  You see, the dog had been here before.  I knew the dog.  It was Champ who had belonged to my builder's brother and was temporarily staying with their Mom.

Watching Robert drive off in his red car with the dog sitting in the front seat, I re-focused on my charging cell phone.  Only a short time lapsed when there was yet another car pulling up the gravel road.  It was my builder...looking for Champ.  After telling him of the two visitors, he thanked me and then said, "JP, are you OK?  How are you doing with the power outage?"  You see he'd been away for the weekend.  "Tomorrow I'll come by with my Grandmother's generator so you can warm up a little."

He did just that.  When he stopped by Monday afternoon, he told me how he'd gotten Champ at the ACO's that morning and that now Champ would be staying with him and his boxer.  I was glad that Champ finally had a place to call home again.  As we chatted, I offered to heat up some lentil soup I had in the frig along with a sandwich made with steak smothered in peppers and onions and a few oatmeal raisin bars for dessert.  He loves them!

Do you see what I mean about my guardian angel?  My builder was under no obligation to come out to the house but he did.  In fact, it was while he was at the house and the generator was running, I got my power back.  I'd only been without for two days.  Others across the state went as long as eight days.



Well, you must be glad Joe brought the generator back with him when he returned!
Gaurdian angels are everywhere and certainly in human form. We do believe in them as well. Glad all worked out OK. Grenville bought a small generator after a recent storm. We did not lose power (thankfully) but he wanted "insurance" for the future.
Mary said…
The adventures are starting earlier than planned, JP? :)
TexWisGirl said…
you have a warm soul and people are drawn to you. you have angels circling you all the time!
Wow! Definitely guardian angels at work!
I love your stories and am glad I could enjoy Friday and today's post at the same time. You really are being watched over, and watching over those in your new beautiful home!!

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