Terrific Tuesday

Stepping out of the shower, I heard the phone ringing.  Good gravy, who could that be it's only 7:30am?  Checking the Caller ID, I saw that it was my daughter so I called her right back.  She had the day off and wanted to know if we could meet up at Buckland Hills Mall and hang out for a while before she headed off to do her errands on her day off!  I jumped at the chance and said, "tell me where and what time."

And so we did just that.  Wandering around Michael's I found the cutest little ceramic bake ware for only $1.00.  I'll be able to use them to make small loaf cakes so I was excited.   Then we hit Joanne Fabric for their sales...picked up my cookie bags there.  Oh I won't use them for the kids' cookies as there's too many.  But I will be able to use them to give to my neighbors and new hair dresser.

Then we did lunch at Panera's and it hit the spot.  Chatting over lunch was just like old times as we devoured our French Onion Soup and Roasted Turkey sandwiches.  Then it was time for my daughter to head in her direction and me mine.  Buckland Hills is forty minutes drive for both of us so it looks like it will be a good meeting place other than our homes. 


Nancy C said…
Sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning. :)
Anonymous said…
Great way to start the day.
I'm so happy you are back close to your children and grandchildren.
TexWisGirl said…
just love that you're close to family now! :)
MadSnapper said…
hard to believe you found anything for a dollar in Michaela. great find. you are now showing in my reader but will see what happened tomorrow. i found a place that said add a subscription, and it is working for now.

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